The Best Age Difference in Marriage and DatingDating women who are much younger or men who are older could be exciting. The more different you are, the more new things you can discover. However, in long-term relationships such as marriage issues of age difference could cause misunderstandings.

People enjoy dissimilar things at different ages. For example, a 50-year-old guy would struggle to party all night long, dancing and drinking, while 20-year-olds think it’s the best thing on Earth.

I am getting lots of comments every time I mention age difference in a marriage or a relationship with a view to build a long-term partnership.

I realize that one of the reasons why guys come to Russian dating sites like is because they wish to date younger girls. Some of them desire to have a family and going through IVF treatments with a more mature potential mother is not something they fancy for themselves.

There are gentlemen who had a family before but lost it due to a divorce, and others who never had kids but realized they actually wanted to have an offspring, after all.

If you are a male in the age bracket of 30-45, you can easily find a partner in countries of the former USSR with a view to a long-term partnership, marriage, and creation of a family. It is the best age to meet the Russian woman of your dreams.

But if you are older, every year works against you. I’ve had conversations with men stating that if they are unable to find what they are looking for (a bride 25 years younger), they would rather simply stay single for life. I respect this view, however, chances are it’s going to become a reality — are you genuinely ready to never have a romantic partner? Don’t you actually want someone to love who genuinely adores you back? Or is having a giant age difference more important than being loved?

Fantasising about a perfect young beauty who is devoted to you unconditionally is great. The same goes for girls daydreaming about a Prince Charming on a White Stallion. Until you settle down with someone real, the fantasy is alive.

Dating a girl 25 years younger.

Certainly, dating a girl who is 25 years younger could be exciting.

PPL “Russian brides” sites are making a fortune selling this fantasy. It’s much easier to sell a delusion than to sell the reality (think weight loss pills as opposed to exercise boot camp vouchers) — and genuine romantic connections require work from both sides. Selling promises and sweet words generated through online communication is much easier.

“Yes, honey, the age difference doesn’t matter. I actually prefer older, more mature guys. I cannot stop thinking of you. I cannot sleep dreaming about you.”

Easy sell.

Much harder to sell the reality. After working in the industry of international dating for over a decade, I am convinced that any man (who wants his relationship to work and not to be constantly terrified of heading for another divorce within 5-8 years) should limit the age gap by 15 years, and it’s still pushing the boundaries.

In the USA, even 7 years is considered too large a gap. In Russia or Ukraine, if you are under 45, girls are not worried about the age difference. Even 18-year-olds are happy to chat to you. (Would they be content to stick with you forever is an entirely different matter. Even though they may think so when they are 18, at 30 their views on life change. You know that.)

Russian ladies are fine with an age gap up to 10-15 years. If your goal number is beyond such limits, stick to dating and enjoy your adventures. Or be ready for a potential marriage breakdown and being kind to your youthful wife if (when) it happens.

I am not against relations with any age difference, as long as both people are happy. But if one person becomes unhappy and the other person is trying to limit their freedom of choice and ability to enjoy life, then it’s a terrible situation for both partners. Both are unhappy. Plus, if there are children, it’s also a direct impact on them.

The answer to the question whether you are with the right person or not is simple.

“Would you choose the same person to marry if you were choosing a partner today?”

If both of you can honestly give a positive answer to this question today and 10-15 years down the line, you have a happy marriage.


Almost everybody wants to love someone who genuinely adores him back.


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As a 50 years old man, I approve this article. But not entirely. Age matters only to a certain point, if the fundamentals are present. By that, I mean physical shape. I go to the gym every other day which means I’m training between 4 to 8 hours a week. Each week. At my gym, there are maybe 5 to 10 guys like me, out of 1000 users of that specific gym. I work with people the same age as me: they all have a beer belly or some kind of fat. I don’t. I benchpress,squat, and practice MMA. In… Read more »
It still amazes me this fight of men in late 40’s and 50’s about keeping up with younger women and even talking about having children with younger women , because, as they put it is normal to do it that way . IS evolution, baby. Charles, no is not evolution. If you are 50 and you don’t have kids, find someone that doesn’t want them. Maybe you can keep up with a younger wife for some years, but at that gym that takes care of your body they do not teach you how to overcome the emotional weight of fatherhood.… Read more »
Attempting to date girls who are young enough to be one’s daughters and/or granddaughters is a colossal exercise in total futility. Whatever common ground may be discovered between two people with such a tremendous age gap is rarely, if ever, substantive. Older guys look to younger women to reclaim their youth and virility, and younger women look to older guys for a sense of security and stability in their lives. This is all understandable. As a 47 year old single guy, never married, I struggle with the age difference thing myself. More than I care to admit sometimes. Reality however… Read more »
I am 55. I want a family. A woman in San Francisco once said, “Find a woman your own age,” and I replied, “I tried to, but they were all with older men.” Coming up in a Liberal bastion, I encountered a lot of toxic feminism, downright anger at men. There has been a lot of propaganda pushing people to go bi-racial, everyone wanted a white girl, and white girls mostly looked for a culturally-hip partner of color. I tried and tried, but wound up looking at bi-racial partnerships. I married, but she didn’t want sexual intimacy, until she decided… Read more »

In fact, I don’t believe in age difference. My mother is 11 years older than my dad, but they can talk all the time about all topics. Their example has convinced me that love can make wonders. What with those keen club dancers…Well, it’s their choice.


I think the best age difference in marriage no greater than 10 years, and even better 3-5 years. A man may be younger than the woman, but a maximum of 3 years. Other options create additional difficulties in marriage.


When people really love each other the age is not so much important. But also during long marriage life when the age difference is high enough, its very difficult for the both parties because one getting older and wants to be calm but the other who is younger wants to enjoy the life. Anyway I think intellect is also very important because when one is clever and there are a lot of things you can discuss with him really it is very important in relationships!

Jonathan Michaels
Let’s face it. If a guy over 50 wants a woman under 30 its to compensate for his lack of self esteem. He’s a guy who’s more concerned with what others think than what really matters. He’s the guy who will go into debt to drive the red sports car and hang out at happy hour at the trendiest bar or be seen at the gym with his hot young wife with a sleeveless shirt on. I can understand a guy over 50 wanting to have children, but you don’t need a woman that young to do that. I have… Read more »
Charles normally describes what he wants! When he will be 65, depending on his condition he’ll have to make your bet. But in Russia, a woman 45 years old – when her grandkids! Everything is going faster. There is no possibility for a level sport and care in America. Not the fact that she doesn’t want, in America she would not come out of the press. Most importantly, that she really thought and had a habit! Not the fact that the young will stay in this habit, when you get married – it may begin there are many))))))because she doesn’t… Read more »