Being single can kill youLoneliness epidemic has struck the world and is becoming a frightening threat to public health, even more dangerous to longevity than excess weight. The adverse health impacts of social isolation are substantial, the results of latest research revealed at the recent annual APA conference.

Loneliness epidemic: Being lonely is dangerous to your health

Social connection with other people is believed to be a basic human need that is absolutely crucial for welfare, happiness and even survival. A telling and a vivid example is the fact that newborns separated from primary caregivers are missing human contact and more often than not are unable to smoothly develop, or may even die.

The recent census findings demonstrate:

  • About a quarter of the USA population are households of one person.
  • More than half of Americans are single.
  • Numbers of marriages and kids born are gradually declining.

These trends mean that people are losing their social bonds and suffer from increasing feeling of loneliness.

The study presented at the conference, which included almost 3.5 million participants from America, Europe and Asia, studied the impacts that social exclusion and a life of solitude have on mortality rates and people’s health.

Research demonstrated that these factors are linked to health deterioration and, consequently, early death. The impact of social isolation is even greater than that of other well-recognized risk factors such as obesity.

Good relationships help you live longer

It is quite clear that with the ageing population harmful effects of solitary life and social exclusion will continue to expand. And it is no coincidence that countries around the globe report that there is, indeed, a “loneliness epidemic” that has struck the mankind.

That is why, the researchers say, we need to face the problem and find ways to solve it, both at the public level and in life of each individual.

  • One study with over 300,000 participants revealed that a larger number of social ties reduces the risk of premature mortality by 50%.

That is why greater attention must be paid, for example, to communication and social skills taught to children in schools. At the same time, doctors should include an analysis of social ties in routine health checks.

Other than that, specialists believe that people should prepare for retirement not only financially but also socially, since most of social contacts are often connected with a person’s workplace. When you retire, your spouse becomes the central person for daily interactions, and if you have no one to talk to, it starts damaging your health.

In another study, it was demonstrated that survival of cancer patients was linked to having a spouse or a partner. People who had a significant other survived at a greater rate than singles.

Good relationships help you live longer

Good relationships help you live longer and even deal with cancer

Want to live healthily and happily? Find a life partner

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Studies show that marriages with a large age difference are more likely to dissolve than spousal unions where the age gap doesn’t exceed 4-10 years.

Having a stable and loving companion who is devoted to you may give you 10-15 extra years of quality life, which potentially can benefit your health more than giving up smoking or dropping excess weight.

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Really, it’s so difficult to realize that you’re alone. I always get scared of the idea that I can be alone forever: I immediately get nervous, my mood gets worse and it even seems to me that I’m feeling physical pain in the chest. Such thoughts can make you insane, literally.


I completely agree with this article. It is too hard to be alone. People need in communication. We need to be with our second half. Even when somebody say “I am so strong, I don’t need in anybody” they are really heavy-hearted people. Our partners help to us, talk us and just make us happy.


Loneliness is the worst thing in the world I think. To have a happy and healthy life everyone should find a good partner and create a nice family to escape the loneliness.


I think that when you are alone, your life becomes very boring. Moreover, loneliness can cause mental and physical disorders. You may even lose your mind. In my view, the best way to get rid of loneliness is to have friends who will listen to you and will be able to help you in difficult situations.


Why are we talking about some stats between the most part of the people. Also, hate such points based on the gender or national point. It depends on your individuality. If you are a strong person with a high-quality brain you can live as single.

whakaataa, “If you are a strong person with a high-quality brain you can live as single”… and die at a younger age than a man who is married 🙂 Scientists just look at the facts and statistics. From this point of view, being single is as good as being obese… I mean just as bad. There is certain body chemistry lacking when a person has no partner… This is why it’s good for people to have pets; people need touch and companionship. It affects the body chemistry and creates changes on the level of DNA. Having a partner is proven… Read more »
i think that sometimes loneliness can be useful. Especially if you don’t like your surroundings. People are scared of loneliness because they are not ready to meet themselves or they are afraid of their emptiness. When you’re alone you have more time for your self-development. It’s better to be alone than to be with just anyone. Or with someone who is dragging you down. But of course it’s better for everyone not to drag it out. There’s always the flip side of the coin. You are missing it out on a good time with close people and emotions that they… Read more »