When do you become old? What Russian think.

When do you become old? What Russian think. Most Russians think that you become old by 60, which is the age when men are eligible for aged pension (women retire at 55). However, 4% of respondents believe that you are already old at 40.

When do you become old? Survey results

Researchers of WCIOM.ru asked Russians aged 18+ at which age a person becomes old.

That’s what people responded:

  • 40-49: 4%
  • 50-59: 36%
  • 60-69: 35%
  • 70-79: 14%
  • 80+: 4%

It’s worth to remember that women in Russia are allowed to stop working and receive the aged pension at 55. For men the age of retirement is 60. Thus, these limits are viewed in the society as the time when you are officially becoming a senior citizen.

  • 31% of people aged 25-34 think that old age starts at 50; further 25% believe it definitely happens at 55-59.
  • Even among the group of respondents 35-44, 16% of respondents view people 50-54 as old. Additional 20% consider people aged 55-59 as old.
  • 17% of respondents 45-59 also think that 50-54 is old age; the same share (17%) picked the period 55-59 as the definition of joining the ranks of “elderly”.

It shows that once a man crossed the limit of 50, he is likely to be viewed as old. Before 50, you are mature.

When you become old

25% of Russians are afraid of the old age. The share of people who are scared of becoming old is higher among youngsters. 31% of respondents aged 18-24 are scared of the advanced age.

Among the reasons for such fears the top-3 issues are:

  • Health problems and ailments: 34%
  • Lack of money, small pension: 33%
  • Loneliness: 20%

People are afraid of age

Data by WCIOM

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Even statistics can be wrong, because someone at 30 feels old, and someone at 60 feels young. This is not a matter of age, but rather a matter of well-being. Older people, especially in Russia, are very active, and this is certainly very good.

I am getting close to being 60 years old. Do I feel that I am getting old, no, not really! Retirement is not even on the horizon for me! I have my own small business as a professional and really enjoy my work. I can set my own working hours, usually I work when clients need me, and I don’t go to the office every day. I might work on a Sunday, simply because my clients have time available then. My work is based on interaction with people, an activity that I love. I hope to be active in my… Read more »
Lina Rowling

I’m really afraid of becoming old because I think people get different illnesses at that time. But when I see these cute and active elderly people I understand they are young! These people inspire me.


This study is really interesting but I believe the numbers are not that important when talking about becoming old. It depends mostly on how people feel. Some already act like pensioners when they are in their thirties. Some are still full of energy in their 60s. The most importnat thing is to have a young soul!


You become old when you stop dreaming and making plans. I also know young old men who do not want anything in this life and are tired of everything, and I got acquainted with seventy-year-olds who have thirst for life and a desire to live which can be envied. It’s funny, but when I was a schoolgirl, 25-30 year olds seemed to me so old 🙂


I think that there is no real feeling of being old. I have a friend who is about 90 and she is always active, never at home, concerts, exhibitions, driving, different stories. And why do people fear loneliness ? I cannot understand this.