Beautiful women love well-dressed men. A major reason why men from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe come to international dating sites with profiles of Russian, Ukrainian girls, is their looks. Beautiful women are a commodity in Ukraine and Russia. Eastern European women, who are considered average in countries of the post-USSR, are regarded as beautiful in America. That’s just a fact of life. A regular female from Moscow or St. Petersburg looks like a TV presenter with a team of stylists, makeup artists, and hairdressers, responsible for her impressive presentation.

So, can an average guy from a western country hook up with a gorgeous Slavic beauty?

Yes! But only if he gives her what she wants.

And if you want a beautiful woman, she wants a guy who is well-dressed.

It is the same type of reaction that you have to an appealing female. The reaction is unconscious; this is why it’s so effective. We love featuring success stories on Elena’s Models and seeing our clients happy. Take it from our 18-year experience: Well-dressed men get lots of attention.

Why you need to dress up for profile photos on Eastern European dating sites where women seek marriage and serious relationships

Looking good involves for females not only genes but also a lot of hard work:

  • Exercising
  • Eating healthily
  • Looking after their skin and hair
  • Manicure, pedicure
  • Following fashion trends

In short, stunning beauties take pride in their appearance and put a lot of effort in presenting this way. Looking gorgeous is easy for 18-year-olds, but any girl over 25 is doing lots of things to stay slim and attractive.

The same traits a good-looking lady expects from her partner. And even if you are not a gym fanatic, you can still score major points if you simply dress well.

Sure, it helps if you eat healthy and exercise. A nice haircut and an elegant beard, a recent fashion icon of cool guys, will also help to gain points. But the simplest way of impressing Eastern European ladies is still by the way you dress. Not only it takes the minimum effort, but it’s also quick, and doesn’t require any drastic lifestyle adjustments from you. It would be silly not to use such a simple point.

How to impress a beautiful woman on a serious dating site.

Want to impress a beautiful woman on a serious dating site? Dress in a suit and smile—it’s a proven combination to score.

What dressing well means for beautiful women from Russia, Ukraine

In the opinion of Russian and Ukrainian ladies it involves a suit.

It’s hard to pinpoint the reason for that, but if you wear a suit in your profile photo, the positive response rate to your mails is guaranteed to be higher.

So, there is no need to argue, but simply use these tips. Even if you do not dress like this every day. You still are capable of putting on a suit when invited to weddings? Treat it the same way.

Put on a white shirt and a suit, and get some pictures taken by a trusted friend or, if you are serious in your search for a life partner, a professional photographer. Use the photos for your profile and sending ladies during your correspondence. For best results, make photos outdoors—they look less contrived and unnatural as compared to studio pictures.

You will be happy with the result!


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It is really a fact that men in suits attract more attention. I live in Russia and I am absolutely in love with guys in suits with white T-shirts. They are so sexy and attractive that it makes me feel a huge effervesce. I can not explain why I like it so much.


A well-dressed guy looks successful and self-sufficient. The way he looks seems to tell, “You see things are going great!” It is a necessary ingredient of the first impression mix to get the desired way out. Both women and men need their efforts to be appreciated. I am sure any man would find it frustrating to spend hours getting ready for the date to end up with a chick in a wrinkled dress.


I fully agree. In our time, beauty is the most appreciated. Girls are trying to be the most ideal, but spend more time on it, for example, fitness, diet, clothes. But I’m surprised by the fact that if you dress any man in an elegant suit, then he will look no worse than Brad Pitt. I always liked men in suits, they look more courageous and attractive.


Really well dressed person looks more attractive and succesful. The nice look can always impress ladies, but also every men besides the good clothing should take care after his appearance.


Can’t agree more, we always better react and pay attention to a man’s profile if we see a dressed up guy, smiling and looking tidy. I’m not so sure about suit for a profile photo as a must, in my opinion, it looks a little bit too official. But if I see a guy dreesed in a smart casual shirt and jeans, I will notice him for sure.


It is so true! I like when guys put on suits or even just white shirts with vests. It makes them look smarter and more well-mannered. Also a suit is a symbol of a businessman, of a successful and wealthy person. A haircut that suits your face is also a must.


That’s right. Men should wear clothes that suit them the most. Girls engoy looking at handsome men who are wearing stylish clothes. It’s important not only for Russian and Ukraine girls, but for all women too. So men make us happier, wearing fashionable clothes 🙂


I’m really happy that the time when men could don’t care about their appearance passed. It’s always nice to see well-shaved and neat guys.