Bathroom selfies and indoor swimsuit shots banned from the dating siteAlas, no more bathroom selfies! The quest to stop people making fools of themselves is finally getting to official sanctions. Apparently, there is no other way to stop people from posting their best restroom shots on dating sites. It has to be legislated.

After all, there is a sure way to make dating apps more attractive.

Bathroom selfies banned for being horrible

As the dating venture Bumble announced, the new standards reflect what their users want.

After having analysed reasons why some profiles are essentially ignored, the company found that 86% of them contain photos taken in mirrors, wrote. That’s a good reason to avoid them, you’d think?

The new rules are supposed to make users’ attempts to meet new friends more successful.

The other types of prohibited pictures include:

  • Indoor swimsuit shots. It is ok to post a picture in a bikini but not indoors.
  • Shots in underwear. It is allowed to send pictures in underwear only in the private chat (in case that the other person does not mind). Prior permission is mandatory.
  • The user’s face must be visible.
  • No watermarks or texts are allowed.

The site hopes that these rules will bring good manners to the online dating environment, similar to real life interactions.

The changes are aimed to achieve “a safe, friendly place to meet new people.”

Should we do the same on Elena’s Models?

So, guys, should Elena’s Models, too, legislate against bathroom selfies?

We have our wonderful users posting such pictures with tedious certainty daily. Unfortunately, no amount of writing on the topics of “How to make a good photo” seems to bring home the idea that your pictures matter to Russian women seeking men for marriage.

It’s pretty simple: Decent images attract decent ladies. And vice versa, photos that are made without a second through, most likely, will not cause a woman to look at your listing for the second time.

Bathroom selfies banned for being horrible

Mirror selfies are the worst to choose if you want to get the girl to like you.


Photos: Bumble


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I don’t think it should be banned. We are all adults here. If someone wants to spend a few hundred dollars on a dating site and then scare all the potential girlfriends away with terrible pictures; well, that’s fine with me. Maybe you should give them friendly advice instead (by e-mail or something).


I don’t think bathroom selfies should be banned; I don’t like them, and I don’t post them, but if someone else want to use them, that’s their choice. I appreciate the beauty of women, so i like bikini shots whether indoors or outdoors.


I think men in general are less “sophisticated” than woman. As long as the woman is scantily dressed (bikini, underwear, mini skirt, etc), most men couldn’t care less where the picture is taken. On the other hand, if a man poses in his underwear, most woman would think he is a creep or a narcissist – especially if it’s a bathroom selfy. :p


I hate when guys post naked pics so I agree – ban that!


There seems to be a double standard. I like girls’ bathroom selfies very much, so I took one of myself in my boxer briefs. It’s pretty good because I’m in great shape, but I never posted it anywhere. I only got the courage to send it to one girl via private email, someone who I’d been communicating with for six months. After that, I never heard from her again. So I guess for men, bathroom selfies are not recommended.


I think any prohibitions make people angry. It will provocate some people to delete own account. It’s personal matter of every man/woman what photos will be used for dating site. Not every member of site wants to attract a DECENT partner!!!