1000 Posts on Elena's Models Dating BlogThis is the post #1000 on Elena’s Models blog.

Fanfares and champagne to everyone! We’ve made it this far.

Thanks to our devoted readers and commentators, the blog became a focal point for English-speaking men seeking information about relationships with Ukrainian, Russian women.

Since August 2014 we bring you tips and advice on dating ladies from the former Soviet Union as well as news and stories about this part of the world, which we seldom hear about in the mainstream news.

From occasional and weekly posts to 2 posts daily (1 in English and 1 in Russian), we keep up with the most important happenings for our clients. Tops news are brought to you right away.

Facts about Elena’s Models Blog

  • 1000 posts in Russian and English since August 2014
  • Over 24,000 comments
  • Over 100,000 visits to the blog monthly
  • Around 3,000 visits to the blog daily
  • Google Analytics show over 561,000 sessions on the blog during this period, from which 366,000 are new users.
  • The only bilingual blog in the industry with daily posts in English and Russian.
English blog

Elena’s Models blog had over 1/3 of a million unique new visitors since August 2014, according to Google Analytics.

5 Most Popular Posts on the English Blog

  1. Age difference in couples — seeking an ideal? (136 comments; September 1, 2014)
    The article stroke a chord with couples and singles worldwide. Readers are telling about their experiences in marriages with a large age gap. Singles explain their motivations behind seeking a partner who is much younger or older. One of the first articles on the blog, this story remains the most read post for over 1.5 years.
  2. 7 core beliefs of Russian and Ukrainian women in love and dating (36 comments; November 10, 2014)
    Values of Russian and Ukrainian women regarding romantic relationships expressed in the most succinct way. Find out what girls from Ukraine and Russia seek and dream about when searching for love online.
  3. Why Ukrainian, Russian women want to marry Americans (Australians, Europeans, etc.) (50 comments; May 18, 2015)
    An in depth investigation of Ukrainian, Russian women’s motives for posting their profiles on international dating sites in search of a lifetime partner. This article was published a year ago and became a go-to piece of information for any man exploring the idea of relationships with ladies from post-USSR countries.
  4. My Russian Boyfriend — Dating Western Men vs. Russian Men (24 comments; September 18, 2015)
    A more light-hearted post about the reverse type relationships: Western girls and Russian men. Things that western women find fascinating about Russian guys, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  5. How to marry a woman 25 years younger (49 comments; October 21, 2014)
    This post came about as a follow up for my discussions with men about relationships with a large age gap. Written in a rather tongue-in-cheek style, it lists tips for men dreaming about marrying a woman who could be their daughter. Not that I am against such marriages or think they are impossible — quite the opposite. Any man can achieve this goal, as long as some contingencies are taken in consideration.

5 Most Popular Posts on the Russian Blog

English-speaking men seldom visit the Russian part of the blog, although it could be quite entertaining.

Use an online translator to read women’s comments, and you may learn in a day more than in a year of dating Russian women online. Girls are quite direct in their comments, talking about their experiences in dating love with local men and western love-seekers.

It is my constant source of inspiration and research. The tips I am giving you about the best ways of dating Russian women are based on my daily conversations with thousands of young ladies. I am not dreaming it up — my advice is based on real and current values and beliefs, prevalent among modern Slavic girls.

Russian blog

Elena’s Models offer the only bilingual dating blog in the industry (in English and Russian) with daily posts.

Here are the top 5 most popular posts on the Russian blog:

  1. Truth about how men fall in love (404 comments; October 2, 2014)
  2. Introductions in the USA — How to find your second half abroad (60 comments; April 3, 2015)
  3. 33 questions for dating foreign men (132 comments; January 28, 2015)
  4. 11 steps how to bring back a lost love (571 comments; October 3, 2014)
  5. 15 steps how to become a true lady (242 comments; November 26, 2014 )

Most Viewed and Most Commented Posts

  • The Russian article “Truth about how men fall in love” is the most viewed article on the blog with over 118,000 views. It is #3 most frequently commented post with 404 comments.
  • Russian post “How to bring back a lost love” attracted the highest number of comments (561).
  • On the English blog, the post “Age difference in couples” has been read over 42,000 times. It also has the largest number of comments (136).
  • One of very popular articles with plenty of traffic coming from search engines is The Ugly Truth About PPL Dating Sites for Ukrainian Women. It’s an in-depth investigation into mechanics of how pay-per-letter paid communication “dating” sites disguise their commission-based 3-tier structure, frequently leading to deception and broken hearts. It is also #3 most frequently commented upon article with 58 detailed comments.

Thanks to Our Authors

The blog would not be possible without multiple people making it work.

  • Our graphic designer and Word Press expert Andrei;
  • Staff author and editor Adilia, who keeps us up to date with the latest news and detailed stories about life in Russia and Ukraine;
  • Multiple guest authors and contributors;
  • Our devoted readers and commentators;
  • And the last but hopefully not the least, yours truly — Elena Petrova, the founder of Elena’s Models and your go-to expert on dating Russian women.

Thank you for your visit today and continuous support. Don’t ever hesitate to leave a comment or ask questions!

We love hearing back from you.

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Elena’s Models, I’m very happy for you! You have a wonderful website and I wish you to keep doing your job to become even more popular. Your articles are very interesting and inspiring. I think that many people who visit this site agree with that. I wish you further success and development. My congratulations!


Dear Elena, great job! Our congratulations to you! You have made the fine service helping to find partners and friends in different parts of the world. And your advises and kind attention are especially valuable for all of us, I’m reading your site even after marriage, it helps me to understand my husband ).


My congratulations and best wishes for you! This site looks really good and interesting, the articles are informative and the photos to them are of perfect quality! I wish you to have more new friends and to be very successful in the future!!!