Research on age difference in international couplesThe urban legend holds that a large age difference is typical for international couples. Dating site decided to check if this common belief is true.

We gathered data of all known successful couples for the last 2 years (June 2014-2016) to determine the typical age difference in international couples that met online. The couples were either married or engaged.

The average age difference in successful international couples is 8 years

8 years difference may be slightly larger than the average numbers for local couples where the most successful age gap is believed to be around 4 years. However, it’s far from 20-30 years gap that some seekers of global relationships set as a goal.

Reports and photos of some of the couples that were part of the study are published on in Dating Success stories.

Top findings:

  • The average age difference: 8.02 years.
  • Largest age gap: 17 years (25-year-old woman from Russia and 42-year-old man from the USA).


1 in 3 couples (34%) had age difference over 10 years.

age difference over 10 years in a couple

  • The youngest couple: husband 29 from Austria, wife 22 from Russia.
  • The oldest couple: husband 69, wife 57.

Couples: youngest, oldest


1 pair had the wife 8 years older than the husband.

In 1 pair the woman was 8 years older.

Successful clients were from over 17 countries. Men: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, South Africa. Women: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

Successful clients were from over 17 countries.

Socially acceptable age difference formula

The older you are, the larger gap people around you will see as passable.

The formula of a reasonable gap in a marriage or relationship:

  • Divide your age by 2 and add 7.

As such, if you are 30: 30/2 = 15; 15 + 7 = 22.

  • If you are 30, people will see it okay for you to date a 22-year-old.
  • If you are 50, then dating a 32-year-old will be seen as admissible.
  • If you are 60, then courting a 37-year-old won’t cause objections.

When is it okay to date a woman 25 years younger? When you are 64. People around you will approve your relationship with a woman who is 39. This fits society’s expectations about a matching level of maturity in a pair.

What age gap in relationships is acceptable for women from Russia, Ukraine, and FSU?

While women from Russia and former Soviet Union may indicate preferences that are quite large, their dream age difference for a long-term serious relationship is about 5-10 years. Within these limits men can expect to find a partner without any issues. Gap up to 15 years may be seen as “okay” by many women for a potential marriage partner.

From my experience of talking to women on this blog, their preference is the difference of about 10 years. This makes them feel safe enough that the partner will not want to swap her for a “younger model”, and at the same time there is no generation-wide gap that pulls people strongly apart.

  • Gentlemen who are interested in significantly younger ladies may be setting themselves up for a disappointment as women normally would choose the most suitable candidate, which includes the age criterion as well.
  • Men under 45 may still be able to get away with larger gaps, as the age 30-45 is the most attractive for women from Russia, Ukraine, and FSU.

Finding a committed and sincere partner is one of the greatest joys of life, and being realistic about one’s expectations is the major factor in finding love online.


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Dear Elena. It was quite curious to read an article. Especially I was curious about “formula of a reasonable gap in a marriage or relationship”. Where did you get this formula? I am 37 years nice Ukrainian woman – but cannot imagine myself having relations with 60 years old granddaddy (i do not want to offend mature men),. Another thing is – why you post this here in a english blog – to encourage men on this site to contact much younger ladies from Eastern Europe, as some advantage of your site? As it is not too easy for them… Read more »


My last and best ltr I have ever enjoyed I was the younger (guy) by 21 years. 40/61 I have dated and had great relationships all over the gambit of age both directions. The key factors to making a relationship, a fantastic one that can handle the age difference is mutual- respect, admiration, honesty, attraction to have and a desire to give. Communication on similar mental, emotional and religious levels is essential. If anyone is considering dating someone, sincerely, with a significant age difference; do your research, know what you are getting yourself into before you make that commitment. Sage… Read more »


The topic of massive age gaps between couples is entertaining, yet confusing at the same time.

Entertaining from the standpoint that, in all reality, young women should be changing diapers on a baby, and MAYBE their aged parents if they are taking on that responsibility. But changing diapers on their aged boyfriends/husbands due to bladder/bowel control issues? I don’t know about this…

Confusing from the standpoint that an older woman dating/marrying a much younger guy is referred to as a “Cougar” while an older man dating/marrying a much younger girl is called a “Pervert” or “Pederast” or “Sexual Predator.”

It’s all messed up.


I’m 55 and have dated attractive women 25 years younger than me locally. It’s not because of my wallet. I’m a decent guy, in good shape, and I know how to focus on the other person and if I think they are special and love them, I truly make them feel it. No games other than the natural attraction cycle and love. I have been married and at a very young age and later divorced. I have 4 children who are all adults. Were my adult daughters bothered that I had girlfriends close to their age? Not at all, because… Read more »

Kenneth Pihl
Kenneth Pihl

Hi Elena This is interesting for me, since I read a lot of your post about this subject, and you often write that 5-8 years are acceptable amongs ukrainian women, and no more than 10. As stated before, I met a beautiful an ovely woman on EM, and I am 12½ years older than she. I was so terrified to meet the parrents haha. But all of her familly have welcomed me as their own, and there has never been talked about the age difference. Well.. we are not married yet.. but I am sure it’s only a matter of… Read more »

Selwyn Carter
Selwyn Carter

The on-line marriage agencies are distorting the truth of what Ukrainian and Russian ladies want in an acceptable age-difference for a husband. The lady is not even aware that the marriage Agency has falsified her profile! Most times she does not even know that someone is writing to her! Why? Because some dude named Boris or???, is writing letters on her behalf and is collecting the $10.00 fee for every letter which is written! The lady knows nothing of this. One hundred letters could go back and forth and the lady has no idea. The reason Western men are thinking… Read more »


Are you suggesting that is how Elena’s Models operates? I think Elena might take issue with that. You are really selling yourself short if you don’t think there are 45 year olds that might be interested in you. Look at some demographic charts… men tend to die off much faster than women. At birth there are more men than women, but that quickly shifts to being more women than men, and by the time people are in their 50’s men are dropping like flies. The fact that you are still kicking means you have something going for you and women… Read more »