Sex at workDespite the overwhelming disapproval, office affairs still blossom occasionally in companies and government outlets worldwide. In Russia and Ukraine, workplace romances are not officially forbidden by most firms, with dalliances and new couples forming in front of the crowd of watchful colleagues.

However, in western cultures, if love activities take you away from doing your job, people may get a text advising them not to come to work the next day, which is what two Manchester lovers found out recently for themselves in UK.

According to Mirror, two council employees were sucked for “misuse of council time” after a whistle-blower advised the management they were slipping away to have sex in the office showers. One of the accused lovers occupied a managerial position in the South Manchester council.

The pair were missing on multiple occasions from their desks for prolonged periods of time during work hours, which led to their suspension. Although the accused council administrators disclaimed they were having sex at work, their contracts were terminated, following an official disciplinary hearing.

The formal reason for dismissal is “gross misconduct” and misusing their working time.

Manchester council workers are not the first in UK who were accused of sex affairs while on the job. A duo of Eastleigh borough council officers were suspended earlier in 2015 after similar claims.

While in UK and other western countries office romances are seen as a sin, many Slavic women meet their partners at work or through job-related communications.

Here are just a couple of stories we published previously that show the phenomena of love at work is viewed in a different light in Russia and Ukraine:

While online dating frequently gets bad rap, forming relationships at work in post-Soviet countries is looked at as rather normal, with colleagues supporting occasional love birds rather than scolding them for a workplace transgression. This may be another cause why cheating is so effortless for Russian men, which is one of the reasons Slavic women cite answering questions about what prompted their search for love overseas.


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I dont see a problem with romance in the work place unless it is actually taking time from the work you are required to do each day. Romance on your break or personal time should not interfere.


Depends on each situation. If someone is in charge of a supervisor, a chief etc, sometimes it is better no to get involved in a romance with a workmate. Out of the work company it is another history.


I do see a problem with having a relationship in the workplace. I believe it just gets in the way of why you are there, to work.


I believe that people should be free to do whatever they wish outside of work, but if the relationship impacts their job, it becomes a problem. Meeting someone at work who you pursue a relationship with during your free time should not be punishable.

Well, difficult subject but will comment. Issue is this, in Western Culture, as I am sure in Eastern culture, government is THE problem. While we need to maintain proper work ethic, it is thought that people in the government consistently “screw” the electorate. I am a CPA and have a responsibility to maintain compliance for my clients. You know, mandated laws and edicts but the government? So I need 100% focus to complete these tasks. But, when it is the GOVERNMENT that is accused of having these elicit affairs, while at work, here, I see no problem. Personally, I would… Read more »