95 thousand Ukrainians used visa-free entry to visit Europe in 1 monthAccording to Oleh Slobodyan, the spokesperson of the government’s border control, 95,461 Ukrainians used visa-free entry to Europe within 1 month (11 June to 11 July 2017). There were only 50 refusals of entry from the side of European border control (0.05%). Most Ukrainians who were declined the entry could not explain the purpose of the visit or didn’t have a biometric passport, which is required.

Successful launch of visa-free travel to Europe for Ukrainians

No one knew how successfully the visa waiver program would work for citizens of the largest European country when the border gates opened on 11 June 2017. Fortunately, the launch was overwhelmingly successful. Now the locals know how it works, so more people show interest in visiting Europe for a weekend or a vacation.

Currently Ukrainian authorities handle about 22,000 applications for a biometric passport a day. There are large queues that only became bigger once people realized they can indeed travel to Paris freely at any time.

However, visits are only allowed for tourist and business travel, not to work or study. If one wanted to find employment, they would have to obtain a work permit and a corresponding visa. But travelling for fun is now much simpler.

“Prepare thoroughly  and don’t be afraid to open the world for yourself”, Slobodyan stated.

How to get your girlfriend to visit?

Having a hotel booked for a weekend and return tickets back home would already be enough to provide grounds for entry to Budapest or Prague. As such, it’s quite easy for Ukrainian girls to arrange a trip to Europe for a personal meeting with a man who lives there.

Local airlines offer cheap tickets to European destinations. Low cost airlines from Europe also have affordable prices.

In short, there are many options to meet once you established a contact with a lady from Kiev of Lviv. Remember, citizens of the USA and Europe do not need visas to enter Ukraine, which is another way to arrange a get together.


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Visa-free entry for Turkish, Kazakh, Belorussian, Russian citizens to enter Europe can be even bigger challenge than was for Ukraine, as some of them have largely non-Christian population and non-Europe territory, with different history and civilization values. And EU requirements like human rights, democracy, rule of law, free market, stable free society, are all mostly unknown in these all 4 countries. Unless they do reforms a lot, visa-free travel (and eventually EU membership if they wish so) is sadly unlikely for them. Maybe is not a big-enough motivation to change as those 4 presidents are comfortable with no deal scenario.

I am quite surprised about these numbers. I actually doubt the numbers, but maybe im wrong. The wording i have heard is that the new rule is only ” on paper”, since most ukrainians dont have the financial needs to furfill the requirements. One worry was that ticket/hotel is not enough, but actually had to have papers from bank to prove enough money to cover living expenses in the given period. Yes, that was one message one got when calling embassy. Yes, this is words from people living in Ukraine and not from me as foreigner. I guess there is… Read more »

The numbers quoted are from official sources. When Moldova and Georgia received visa-free access to Europe, the situation was the same. It’s not that much money that Ukrainian girls need to have for a 3-day visit.


Yes, you are right. Its not much money they need. There are sites that quotes the amount needed for each country.
However, i was just making a comment regarding the impression my network in Ukraine gave me about this new visa free rule ( they were sceptic) so the comment was just an input from my side.
Visa free travel is the right way to go, so i support this 🙂


May I know what are the requirements, if any, for Ukrainian citizens to visit Austria, Luxembourg and Cyprus?


Try this cool site: Google.com 🙂


I’m glad that I can go without a visa, but not all Ukrainians can afford such a trip! Some people even can’t afford to spent their holiday somewhere in Ukraine. But I also have friends who travel to Europe all the time but they earn good wages.