9 qualities Russian women find attractive in menWhat qualities Russian women find attractive in men? Russia’s centre for studies of people’s opinions VCIOM asked women from 138 towns what they liked in men the most. Ladies could list as many traits as they wanted. As the result, researches formed the “must have” list of attributes for a guy seeking to conquer a woman’s heart.

9 things Russian women find attractive in men

To understand the answers to the survey, one needs to emphasize with the demographic situation of Russia: 86 men for 100 women (11 million more females than males).

The gender disbalance is even sharper in large cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg, where ladies complain about having only 1 eligible bachelor to 10 single females.

This makes it hard for girls to find a committed partner and build a solid relationship. 60% of top-5 qualities (including reliability, decency, and honesty) point to the same characteristic: Integrity.

In the country, where people still believe in wedlock by the age of 25, it’s not unusual that single women 24+ feel pressure to pair up. To ensure the marriage will survive, first of all, they want a reliable gentleman.

9 qualities that Russian women appreciate in men.

Top-9 qualities that melt hearts of Russian girls

    1. Reliability (31%): The #1 thing a Russian woman wants to see in a partner is reliability. During courtship, it means persistence.
    2. Kindness & compassion (17%): Females from Russia highly value kindness, compassion, and responsiveness in a potential boyfriend or husband.
    3. IQ, intelligence, & education (16%): It’s important for ladies to meet a guy who is educated and smart.
    4. Decency (15%): This is another quality closely related to reliability (#1). In Russia, decency means faithfulness and loyalty to a partner. Most of all, wives are afraid of a husband’s cheating. In a marriage, a wife is most scared that the husband will divorce her and leave her alone with kids, after finding a younger replacement. There is no lack of willing female contenders.
    5. Honesty, sincerity (14%): One more dimension of not wanting to be lied to, whether it’s about intentions (every Russian girl dreams to “create a family” with a worthy man; they believe a woman can have no other life purpose) or limiting passions to his relationship partner.
    6. Masculinity (13%): By masculinity Russians mean not only looks but mostly the personality type—decisive, strong willed, a leader. It’s the opposite of effeminate.
    7. Attentive, caring attitude (12%): The infographics creators selected a picture of flower bouquet to illustrate this point. Attention in Russia inevitably includes gifts and presents that are expected during the early courtship phase, which is officially called “the period of flowers and candies”.
    8. Being hardworking and having strong work ethics (10%): Girls seek an admirer who is able and willing to provide for a family, thus the focus on career building capabilities.
    9. Appearance and good looks (9%): Looks are still important for ladies from Russia but scored only #9 position on the list. Interestingly, the illustrators picked a tie as the symbol of “attractive appearance”. Just as masculinity means decisiveness and leadership qualities for a Russian girl, a man is considered good looking if he dresses elegantly. (This is why Slavic women are crazy about men in suits.)

In the research by VCIOM, 869 women from 138 cities and towns of 46 regions of Russia provided answers to the open question, “What do you like in men most of all?”


With this type of fundamental values revealed by the statistics, you can see how the way you approach the courting process has to be different in case of Russian women, as compared to dating western girls. Whatever you thought you knew about dating, could not only be useless here, but hurt your chances.

The dating terrain changed dramatically in the last 10 years with the arrival of smart phones and advancement of apps and social networks.

Old rules of dating Russian women no longer work.

It’s a completely different environment and ways of relating to each other that we face today. Letter-writing is out; video calls and chat apps, staying in constant contact is in. You need to know what to do to follow this secure path to success.

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In other words ‘Reliability’ means, put up with any crap that is thrown at you.


No, reliability means you are not getting upset like a little baby and able to always be there for your girl; be her “rock” (“stone wall” as they say in Russian). Not a cheater, not a quitter, but a man who is dedicated and conscientious.


Hey, it’s your choice. If you don’t like something about a woman, you can quit anytime.
Besides, look at the percentages. They are pretty small. Obviously not everyone wants all of these things, some women actually expect to find quite the opposite. For instance, it says here they all want to create a family, but in reality, some of them don’t want to marry or have children.
In other words, don’t feel like these are some absolutely necessary and possibly unfair requirements. You can always find what you want, whatever that is.


If we are talking about Russian girls (young women under 30 who have never been married), they ALL dream about getting married to a worthy man. 100% of them. They say it themselves: “Of course, every girl dreams about a white dress and true love.” (The keyword, however, is “worthy”. Not just get married but get married to her Prince/Knight/Destiny.)


Well, I guess if we are talking about this site, it might be close to the truth. But all women in Russia under 30? That’s very easy to disprove, you just need to find a girl who doesn’t want to get married. As it happens, I know some of them. They just don’t see the point and feel marriage is something for the society and not for themselves.


If a girl tells you she “doesn’t want to get married”, it means she doesn’t want to get married to you. (The same as when a guy says it to a girl.) I never met a Russian girl whose dream of a good life didn’t include a white dress and happily ever after. And I talk to thousands of them all the time! 🙂
Read the Russian blog.


Елена, я абсолютно с Вами согласна! На все 100%.


Hi! It is interesting research. I am a Russian girl, and for me a real man, partner or a husband is a combination of some qualities such as IQ to discuss something, reliability to feel safe and success to be proud and not to live in misery.


“Reliability” includes many things from the list. This word has rather wide meaning. Some girls think about money when they hear it, some think about honesty. As for me, true feelings are more important than anything else.