Complaints of Russian wives.

Complaints of Russian wives. Wondering about relationships between spouses in Russia? Here is the list of typical complaints of Russian wives about their husbands.

9 typical complaints of Russian wives published a list of frequent complaints that Russian wives voice about their spouses. What are the major grievances that cause disagreements in married couples in Russia?

1. He never helps around the house.

In 1960s women in the USA were spending 30 hours weekly on housework, as compared with 4 hours by men. Now the situation is better, with ladies spending 18 hours as compared with 10 hours by guys. In today’s Russia the situation in families is similar to what was happening in 1950s in the USA. Men do very little around the house except for the times when the apartment needs renovation, which is usually once every few years. The rest of housework is considered a woman’s job: cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping. So, Russian women complain about males not helping around the house, but at the same time ladies see a guy who does homework as effeminate and not a “real man”.

2. He doesn’t know anything about kids.

Research shows that dads in Russia spend quite a lot of time with kids, but their communication style is different as compared to mothers. Mothers feel that dads don’t remember information about kids, such as their favourite characters or movies.

3. He is constantly playing computer games.

Or maybe the husband is spending too much time online in social networks, or building model ships. The husband’s favourite pastime interrupts with the family life, the wives complain.

4. He drinks too much.

If you want to know whether Russian men really drink a lot, the consensus is they do indeed. Both males and females agree that alcohol abuse is a problem in Russia.

5. He brings home bad food.

Husbands bring home chips, burgers and other food that is not on the list of healthy products, while wives are trying to lose weight and stay slim.

6. He borrows money.

In other words, husbands take loans or spend money on credit cards without consulting with wives. But both of them have to pay the loans back.

7. He doesn’t do nice things for the wife.

Women love attention but often they feel that saying clearly what they want negates the effort. In other words, if she has to tell him what to do, doing nice things doesn’t count. Women all over the world wish guys to be mind readers. Russian women would love their men to read their minds, too. Most often, ladies dream about simple signs of attention: flowers, a cup of coffee in bed, a good bye kiss in the morning.

8. He snores.

This problem is classic around the world. The ways to fix it are also universal.

9. He thinks the wife is “doing everything wrong”.

Constant criticism and comparing how the wife is doing things with the mother’s way of managing home is a major turn off for married Russian women. The reason is that men usually move from their parent’s home where the mother was doing everything to living with the wife, without ever being responsible for themselves and living on their own. Thus, when the wife is doing something differently, husbands complain about her “doing things wrong”. But they don’t attempt to do it “correctly” on their own.

Previously, we reported on 7 complaints of Ukrainian wives about husbands. The problems that ladies experience in marriages in Ukraine are similar to complaints of Russian wives about their husbands.

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“He never helps around the house” in Russia we always do woman’s job: cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping. Because husband at work all day and the husband provides for the whole family or his salary is higher than that of his wife. Especially when a woman is sitting at home with a child on the maternity leave. This is a normal tradition for Russian women. A man is just fixing something in the house. All women complain about this, but still do from year to year))


“He doesn’t know anything about kids” It’s all relative, all these points. There is no point about adultery to the spouse. Much of the woman herself … depends on her personality.


Good article.
Those issues are not only for Russian couples, but also most of other couples in the USA, Canada, India…around the world.

Mr.Trump’s x-wife exposed recently he had never changed his daughter(Ivanka Trump) diapers when she was a baby.
so, All of couple issues are case by case, not universe from their own cultures.


Even though the point about snoring made me smile, all the other are really disappointing. Isn’t it sad that many stereotypes (like drinking) in fact are real problems in Russia and many other countries? I hope not only women but men will read this and it will make them think.

Lina Rowling

Well, I can say that a woman does a lot of work, but a man does work too. Spouses should respect each other and the work which both of them do.


Not always girls marry successfully. But such problems are not only among Russian women. To please a Russian girl you need to understand her and understand what she wants. Her claims are justified if she herself fulfills all these points.


The problems of misunderstanding must be universal all around the world. The only difference is that Russian women usually have more patience than western women and hope for a very long time, even the whole life, that their husband will change one day.