84% of Ukrainians Want To Work AbroadStaff author: Adilia S.

A recent study shows that 84% of Ukrainians would like to work abroad. Ernst & Young assessed which employers were considered the best in Ukraine.

The share of respondents wishing to leave Ukraine in search of better employment opportunities remains high. It hasn’t changed since 2014.

The Most Attractive Employers in Ukraine

1500 respondents named more than 800 companies, which they consider to be the most attractive.

The key factor is the opportunity to grow professionally. Remuneration and company’s public profile are also important.

The Most Attractive Employers in Ukraine

Ukrainians believe that the most attractive employers are located abroad. Source: EY.com.

70% of respondents mentioned companies in the areas of IT, consumer goods and professional services. The least number of Ukrainians are interested in working in investment business and law.

Among the most attractive employers are:

  • Google
  • Japan Tobacco International
  • Coca-Cola
  • Microsoft
  • Luxoft (software engineering company)
  • Nestle
  • Procter&Gamble
  • Ciklum (software engineering company)
  • Kyivstar (Ukrainian mobile company)
  • Audit and consulting company Big Four

Unsurprisingly, this list includes major international and Ukrainian companies operating well-known corporate and product brands.

Generally, candidates complain about the shortage good jobs and lack of opportunities for career growth in Ukraine. Most likely, this is the reason why Ukrainians are eager to leave the country.

There are also the following survey results:

  • 37% of survey participants mentioned high level of competition in the job market.
  • 40% of respondents point out poor working conditions.
  • Local labor market experienced apparent slowdown in 2015.

As Ukrainian specialists state, the preferred countries for relocation are Poland, the USA and Germany.

The proportion of experienced candidates who are ready to move within the country decreased by 4% as compared to 2014. 6 out of 10 respondents are open to such a possibility. Top cities for relocation within Ukraine are Lviv (71%), Kiev (66%) and Odessa (61%).


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The education women get in Ukranian universities is really good so it’s normal they want to gain enough money starting to work after finishing their education. But the salaries in Ukraine are much lower than what they offer in Europe or in the USA. That’s why Ukranian women speaking English want to try their luck abroad.


Everybody knows that the salaries in Ukraine leave much to be desired. Moreover, working abroad is a very great opportunity to see other life and many interesting things, develop your language skills and make some new friends – it is so cool!


it is not surprising that the Ukrainians want to work abroad because the political situation in their country is terrible. People are not robots and they want to live in dignity. I am sure that it is right. The state does not want to help the Ukrainians so people don’t see another way out. I hope that the situation in Ukraine will change and people will finally be able to find a good job in their homeland.


I have no hopefullness


Talking about working abroad we often mean work in the countries of Western Europe or U.S.A. But it is not enough just to be educated, there are a lot of graduates of universities and colleges in these countries. In fact you have to possess the unique skill to get job here. Otherwise you would be low-qualified staff which is always in shortage.


Should be noted that the listed top companies pay salaries in Dollars or in Dollar equivalent. In a current situation in Ukraine when gryvnya dropped catastrophically it is very important. The working conditions in Ukraine are worse than in EU. In addition, business ethics in most Ukrainian companies is just inappropriate. However, it is not so bad as it could seem to the foreigner/Ukrainian expat it is.


Only one Ukrainian company is attractive!
I have long noticed that from Europe (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland) came agitators and invited our schoolers to learn there (in their high schools). At first I did not think about it. But then I horrified – if all the young leave the country – who will feed the seniors?


Such statistics neither new nor surprising. Really work abroad especially in large international corporation opens up many paths for professional growth and personal development . And wages not comparable , and although big companies and require more , but there you know that your work will really be appreciated and worked laws give guarantees in confidence in the future .


Ooh, it is very attractive to work in Google company, as for me, everyone wants to work there :)) But… Teenagers have to get fine education to work in companies from the list! No one will take them for work without a good education. Unfortunately, not many people understand that 🙁