8-march-international-womens-day-russia-ukraineThe International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March annually. You may observe it being mentioned briefly in daily news on the day in your country — but blink and you miss it.

However, in Russia, Ukraine, and some other countries of the former USSR Women’s Day is a major public holiday, which may only be compared with the magnitude and warmth of Mother’s Day. This holiday is celebrated every year on March 8, with both males and females getting a day off work.

It is a celebration of all things feminine, from little girls to older ladies. Flowers for women are the necessary mark of this day, with red tulips, mimosas, and narcissuses being traditional early spring favourites. Greeting cards are also a must.

The celebrations start at work on the eve of the Women’s Day, where men put together a corporate party and give presents to their female colleagues. Kindergartens and schools boast their own festive bashes with songs and dances, and little gifts for girls and female teachers.

Husbands acquire beautiful flower arrangements for their wives to surprise them early in the morning, and then visit mothers for lunch with greeting cards and more blooms. Presents like jewellery and candies are also popular.

In 2015 8 March falls on Sunday, so it will be a long weekend for Russian and Ukrainian women. With so many parties and celebrations, every lady is getting some recognition of her femininity, however, the most important one always comes from the man in her life.

Being basically an occasion when men celebrate women, every lady you are communicating with will expect some kind of greeting on that date, much alike during Christmas festivities. A hand-made card or flower delivery for this day will be appropriate for a special friend.

happy-8-march-greeting-cardBut otherwise, even if you haven’t found the love of your life as yet, express your appreciation to all women in your correspondence through your personal blog or a virtual greeting card (I recommend you master one yourself in any graphic editor on your computer, as it’s a nuisance for ladies to access cards online at other sites).

On Elena’s Models, you can attach a photo file to any message you post. If you design the card yourself, it ensures nobody else will have the same one.

Don’t forget! It will upset a Russian or Ukrainian girl if you overlook Women’s Day, and it will warm up her heart if you remember to express your sincere greetings and good wishes. Wishing some positive and nice things (such as good health, happiness, career successes, etc) is a custom in Russian greeting tradition.


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Women deserve this day…To be treated with great Love and Respect!!:))


I hope to get the chance to show my appreciation of this wonderful day to my future love 🙂


All women should get this day


Oh, I like this holiday so much, it is really wonderful to celebrate such holiday once a year.
My boyfriend always makes some surprises on this day!
Moreover, it is an extra day off 🙂


I like 8 march because for me it is an extra occasion to wear the best dress i have, to put elegant make up on and to enjoy feeling myself like a real queen. Plus all men are so gentle that day. At work we (ladies) usually get flowers from colleagues and drink champagne. But the most impressive thing is the total festive feeling that lasts the whole day between all women no matter what age they are. Can’t wait!!


Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to take a breath and appreciate women in the world


I really love that day! Its a great opportunity to feel proud that you were born a woman, to feel delicate and feminine, to get lots of attention from others. Any woman will be happy to get appreciation, whether its flowers, a nice gift or just your heartily words.


It’s going without saying it is a great holiday! Look at women on 8 March and you will see them very sexy. On this day they don”t hide it because don’t think about work.

Steve Clarke

Let all of us join together and use this day to celebrate all of our women everywhere. Where would us guys be without them whether it be Mother’s, Sisters, Wives or Girlfriends? Thank You ladies everywhere all around the world of every age for simply being there for us and being you! If we are all honest one day in the year is just not enough! 🙂


I am as a girl expects 8th of March every year, because I like attention and presents. For me it is the first holiday of spring. Men can give fresh tulips to girls. I like tulips – spring flowers!

Amazing holiday! 8 March is a day, when the air is full of love and emotional warmth! And it`s not a secret that every woman is waiting for some kind of little wonder to happen this day. So, dear men, don`t disappoint your honey women – say how you love and appreciate them, give them a present they dreamt about, and make them feel the special ones. And try not to search for a cause to gladden your women – there is no need to wait for a holiday, just do it every day and you will always see a… Read more »

The 8th of March is really a great holiday in Russia. All women wait for it, love it and remember. Russian men know about that and prepare carefully for it. The things are not so obvious for foreigners. I think that a Russian woman dating with a foreigner should understand that and not be offended if that foreigner does not congratulate her with that holiday in any way. But if he does, the woman should be happy and appreciate it twice as much!


I always thought that this day was celebrated only in Russia or Ukraine. For me this day is a simple day. I don’t see anything huge and special in this day. Though this day is the birthday of my grandma. Maybe this is why it’s connected with her in my mind, so I don’t feel it’s this special for me personally.


It’s a pity that only former USSR countries celebrate International women’s day. All women deserve to be appreciated and to get just a little bit more attention on 8 March.


International Women’s Day – is an amazing DAY!! Of course women would like if every day was women’s day) It’s a great holiday to celebrate, because all women are smiling through the day. And think every man should make his woman a great women’s day!)


This woman holiday is really wooonderful! presents, flowers, complements*_*
I wish I could celebrate this holiday every day this holiday and to have days off everyday ahaha


8th of March is a special day for every Russian and Ukrainian person since childhood, I love the day too. The day when you get presents and pleasant compliments and congratulations and do it yourself. Everyone enjoys nice holiday atmosphere during the whole day, plenty of flowers, smiling faces. If you live with parents, of course the day off is made for the mother. If you are married or dating, then your husband or boyfriend will do it for you. And it’s great even if he does not everything all right.


I believe that such days are necessarily necessary for us women. Because we everytime like to get even more attention. And for the men this is an another reason to make woman more happy and give her his care.


March 8, the first call of the spring. But in Ukraine is very rarely is warm that day. For example this year we covered with snow, and the temperature was very cold. But nobody canceled a holiday! so I always go this day and buy beautiful tulips for my mother and grandmother. Well, I always get from someone bouquet and gifts, how can we not love this day. Women deserve to be happy!


On March, 8 it is the most wonderful day, because women can feel goddesses and queens of the whole world and universe. On this day dreams come true and much attention is spared all women and girls. On March, 8 it is a day when weak half our world gets gifts and can do everything that they want with the men. So that expensive men do to the second halves this holiday every day.