Beautiful Russian womenIt has been a charade for westerners for a long time, why Russian women are so beautiful. Let me try to put it in plain words.

7 Reasons Why Russian Women Are Beautiful

  1. Russian women are so beautiful because Russian men sleep around.

It may seem absurd but it’s true. Because for every woman keeping her man from straying is a daily task, she needs to look her best in order for him to value her. That’s what they think. Ask any Russian woman what is the secret of a long-lasting marriage and she will say, “Staying interesting to my man.” This means, remain attractive for him.

  1. Russian women are so beautiful because having a partner is a badge of honour.
Russian woman

Having a partner is a badge of honour for Russian women.

The reason why Russian ladies feel the need to have a partner, whom they obviously need to attract and then keep, is because having a husband (or at least a fiancé) is a badge of honour. It shows to other people that you managed to make someone want you enough to make you his. A single woman has very low social status in Russia.

  1. Russian women are so beautiful because they put it first.

For Russian girls the external beauty, including pretty makeup, hair, slim body, and fashionable outfit, come before anything else. It is the most profound value for Slavic females from the post-USSR countries. They put far less value on education and career, which, in their view, only distracts a woman from her true calling: to get married and devote herself to the family. For the same reason Russian women despise feminists, because they believe that feminists look unattractive and value career above the family, an unforgivable sin.

  1. Russian women are so beautiful because they walk a lot.

Russians still mostly use public transportation in cities. This means they have to walk to bus and tram stops, giving ladies plenty of exercise. This contributes to the fact that they are rarely overweight.

  1. Russian women are so beautiful because they constantly compete with each other.

I haven’t seen women of other nations competing between themselves so fiercely. Every time Russian girls meet or even walk pass other females in the street, they immediately compare themselves with them and try to come on top.

7 Reasons Why Russian Women Are Beautiful

Looking like models allows girls to show off and feel better about their life and themselves.

When I go to events with my Russian girlfriends I feel the need to dress up, so that I don’t look like I don’t belong. It’s quite a task, really. Russian women will always evaluate how other females look and often give their verdict: “You look good” or “You look tired”, as if marking papers on exam.

  1. Russian women are so beautiful because they have no money.

This one, again, may seem contradictory, but it’s actually simple to understand. Because most Russians live quite frugally, dressing up and having hair and makeup done (they do it themselves) allows girls to show off and feel better about their life and themselves. She may live in a small studio apartment and have no car but she looks like a model and feels good about herself, because she is pretty and men notice her.

  1. Russian women are so beautiful because they enjoy being feminine.

Emphasizing their femininity is a way for girls to prove they are good marriage material. Female attractiveness is accessible to any woman, who cares to put time and effort into it. If western societies had these values, women would also behave differently. For Russian women, beauty is their second religion.


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So true
So depressing


“Russian women are so beautiful because they have no money” HA-HA!!! TOTALLY don’t agree!!!!


Russian women are so beautiful… Yes, of course. They are able to care for themselves. Russian women just want to be beautiful and they do it! Because desires always create opportunities… If you want to be beautiful just do it, go for it!


Everything depends on the woman. And many women don’t try to get married as soon as possible, and many feminists are very attractive. And women want to be pretty and interesting not only for men but for themselves, for their children and close people.


I’m Russian and I totally agree with you! Not everything stated in the article is 100% true.


Yes, I agree with every word in this topic! At first, Russian women are so beautiful and that’s totally true! Secondly, I really agree with phrase about money, because Russian girls are able to appreciate the money and be beautiful without them! I live in Russia and I know that Russian women just take pleasure in to be a beautiful!

Arctic Star

I guess men with healthy self-esteem are more attracted by women with education and career aspirations. Sometimes, of course, guys feel threatened by their partner’s success, that’s why they choose docile and submissive women without ambitions exept for ambition to be a good houskeeper. I hope western men can respect their girlfrends.

I’m a man and I can tell you that you are mistakened. It’s not the education and career aspirations that matter, it’s the ATTITUDE. I’m not going to generalize here, but suffice to say that girls with “career aspirations” are usually also the ones that have attitude problems. You can see that in America and in “westernized” countries. Don’t you see that there are many guys with networth exceeding the millions **still** preferring to date girls without “career aspirations”? Do you seriously think it’s a self-esteem problem? Feminists keep blaming the guys, but refuse to examine themselves. Whenever something doesn’t… Read more »
Chris Salmon
Speak for yourself Hoss, I like a smart, educated woman with ambition and drive! Especially if she’s got a cute face, a fine ass, pretty tits and some hot legs – oh yeah, that’s the complete package and there are tons of them out there. I was married to one once but then she fell victim to mental illness and it ravaged her, though she is better now. To be honest it matters not to me if she is a career woman or wants to be a homemaker, I am here as her husband to support and assist her in… Read more »
Chris Salmon
What men are you talking about here? Ones that actually exist? I don’t think so. Can you show us these men you’re claiming to know feel attracted by this and threatened by that, they guys whose motivations you know for choosing this or that?? No, you can’t show any such men, or even any man you’ve talked to that felt or said or chose any of these things. Nor can you show us any women such as these, can you? Do you know why? Because you just made all of this weirdness up out of nothing!! You’re imagining all of… Read more »
Mike Hock

Communism educated people well, so Russian women aren’t dumb hotties, and poorness also leads to more ambition, which explains why privileged American women are dumb as hell


The average attractive Russian women is significantly better educated than a similar attractive woman in the U.S. I’ve met tons of them traveling in Russia and can confirm this. For example: Olga may be the hottest women you’ve ever seen. She also works in nuclear development technologies and has a PhD.


Russian women are so beautiful because we live in a huge country where have mixed together so many different cultures and peoples, little from europe little from asia. This mixing of blood works very good as genetics say. And a little bit competitive 🙂


Even though I live in Russia, but I would not say that Russian girls are beautiful. Of course there are many beautiful, but not everyone. Travelling around different countries, I can say that in Brazil are much more beautiful women. But this is only my subjective opinion! Sure, for me, as a Russian girl, very pleasant to read such articles!


Yep, it’s true. By reading each paragraph, I recognize myself. It’s hard to attract a man and then keep him with yourself. But I like to be beautiful. I like to do make-upevery morning, to do sport. So I feel myself much more confident when I see also that people pay attention to me. Very nice feeling.


Russian women most beautiful on planet


you wish!


I agree! I just love them, they are so much much better than American women!!


You are wrong and ignorant! They are much more educated then you are!
They are beautiful be couse they have naturally feminine boady with no hair.


I live in Khazakhstan. Nearly 30 percent of our population are russians. I dont find them very beatifull. And i dont understand why everyone think so


Maybe it is because they have been colonizing your country for centuries and you feel hatred toward them. Believe me I have lived in Kazakhstan for quite some time but I am not a kazakh as you are, in fact I am Turkish, so I know how Kazakhi people think about their Russian masters


I’m not Russian, but I’ve always thought Russian ladies were so pretty! I saw an Eastern European talk show on YouTube and all of the women looked like princesses. Since watching that video, I’ve started to care about my appearance more…I am losing weight, I’m growing out my hair (this is the longest it’s ever been in my life), and I’m learning how to dress better. I’m still learning but my boyfriend is very happy because it makes him feel masculine. 🙂


My god i now see why American all look so bad and an idiom – “look like something the cats drug up.” And us American want them so bad.

bi -nei

i think the point are all socio economical and psychological. i have a feeling there are biological factors to the slavic female gene. making them beautiful. i live in russia now as a student and i want one of them. but they just wont give the black guy a chance


“They put far less value on education and career, which, in their view, only distracts a woman from her true calling: to get married and devote herself to the family”

Yeah, I don’t think so. I am Russian myself and I know a lot of Russian women who have worked extremely hard and acheived amazing things in life and more importantly in their careers! Of course family is important to them but so is education, work and making a vetter life for themselves. Russia is not an easy country to live in.


Funny in some way, but all in all I agree)) We really do a lot to stay interesting for the man and be married, for the majority of women it’s the purpose of their lives. But I’m absolutely sure that the main reason why Russian girls are so beautiful is the point #7. We love to be beautiful, we love to spend our time on our beauty, we simply love in fact being a woman!


Beautiful women everywhere in India, Brazil, Italy, France and America, but in Russia the proportion of every 100 women there are ninety beautiful, while in the other places of every 100 women ten beautiful
Russia wins


Our Russian women have always been known for their beauty. It’s our mentality. Makeup, appearance, grooming, and natural beauty. For myself, for children, for my husband and other people. What woman doesn’t want to be beautiful? When I make myself look good in the morning, my mood is lifted up for the whole day.