60-year-old Russian woman gave birth to a healthy baby boyA 60-year-old Russian woman from Moscow gave birth to her first child after undergoing in vitro fertilization treatment (IVF) at a fertility clinic.

60-year-old Russian woman gave birth to a healthy child

The 60-year-old first time mother woman gave birth to a baby boy at one of Moscow’s leading clinics, the maternity ward of Bauman clinical hospital No. 29.

The baby was born by C-section at 34 weeks on 24 May 2016. His birth weight was 2,3 kg (5 lbs). The boy was healthy and a short time after was ready to be breastfed, MK.ru reports.

The unusual mother told reporters that she had a very easy pregnancy with no complications. She just had some problems with blood pressure during the last month.

60-year-old Russian woman gave birth

The baby was born in the maternity ward of Moscow’s Bauman Clinical Hospital No. 29.

The woman was so elated to give birth to a baby that she didn’t want to leave her boy even for a second.

The happy mother sounded pretty optimistic and was confident she would be able to raise her child. She works in the travel industry and has enough money. The woman is married. She stated that she had plenty of family members who were willing to assist in looking after the child.

Lyubov Erofeeva, an obstetrician, says that this is a quite rare case in Russia. Women over 60 years old give birth once in several years. According to Erofeeva, women opt to become mothers later in life for a variety of reasons. It may be because of loneliness or her child’s death.

In February 2015 another 60-year-old Moscow’s woman gave birth at the Filatov hospital. The baby girl was also born healthy.

Marina Shuvalova, the head of the department of medical and social research at Kulakov Research Centre of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, states that the majority of Russian women give birth at the age of 25-29. The number of women giving birth into their 40s is quite small.


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Unbelievable! I hope both of them, a mother and a baby, will be happy and they will have a family which will be envied by younger families 🙂 Also this mother has to live as long as it possible for her cute and rare child!


In my opinion, she is a great woman!!! I cannot even imagine how difficult it was to her… I hope the baby will be healthy. And I am sure that mother will love the boy and will give him good education! She has a big life experience, so she must be a great mum.


To become mother and have a baby it is really miracle and a great value of life, but when mother is over 60 years old it is unbelievable miracle. Just want to wish them to be healthy and happy and to have a lot of nice and happy moments with each other!!!


It is very good that she gave birth to a healthy child! I think that this story, on the one hand, is interesting, amazing and happy. But on the other hand, very dangerous. Woman is not young and she could have serious problems. Fortunately, she is lucky and it saved her 🙂


Children are the joy of life. Glad to hear that, despite the age, the women give birth to healthy children. It is interesting that the woman did not have any health problems during pregnancy and that the baby was born healthy. Not all resolved to give birth at this age.


yes it is certainly incredible. Not every woman can Go on such a step at this age. it is a great job and deserves respect. Of course, I don’t think it was easy for her. She maybe visited the doctors a loot of times and they told her how to act. and that all went well thats why They deserve a big THANKS