russian-women-why-we-need-menHave you ever thought about why women need men? We all know why men need women (our mothers kept telling us in our teens, “All men want the same thing”) — but why do you think females desire a man in their lives?

Presumably, this list was created by a Russian lady (or someone translated it from another language into Russian). I have found it on a Russian jokes site, posted by a Russian guy (his comments are in brackets). I then translated the whole thing into English, because some comments, which had been definitely made by a male, were quite unexpected, displaying interesting dynamics of male-female relationships, and I thought you’d be curious to find out what Russian guys thought of Russian girls.

I have found it funny, intriguing, and revealing. This creative expression of the battle of sexes will hopefully give you a glimpse into the mysterious depth of women’s soul (and into the surprisingly poetic world of Russian men).

Why we need men

  1. Because they have warm palms, and we have cold fingers. (We are not afraid of the burning cold, as we unite two elements.)
  2. One day they will realize (if even for 1 minute) that we are the best. (We do know, just forget it sometimes. Please forgive us.)
  3. They have principles. (Which sometimes cause us problems.)
  4. Sometimes they wash dishes. (I will even say always.)
  5. They are taller and can reach the top shelf. (Or simply kiss the top of your head.)
  6. They give us their coolest T-shirts. (And when you are not there, we put them on and enjoy your scent until our heads spin.)
  7. When they say, “I love you,” it feels like we exist. (At such moments we also feel like we exist.)
  8. They can install Windows. (But it’s better to backup your files.)
  9. They forgive us for our feminism even though we forgive them nothing. (We forgive you everything. Just because you are beautiful.)
  10. They kiss our foreheads when they cannot stay. (And then we walk out and stand behind the closed doors for a long time.)
  11. They think that there are things that we will never understand, and this is why we understand everything. (???)
  12. They put their hands on our knees. (Because it’s more intimate than kisses or even sex.)
  13. They are manically insistent about paying for our coffees, although they have completely forgotten by now, why. (Is there any other way?)
  14. They have tears in their eyes in the strong wind. (And we have to turn away, so that you don’t think anything WEIRD.)
  15. They go to shops when it’s raining. (Because you need ingredients for your romantic dinner.)
  16. They want to have our photos. (So we could talk to them. Yes!)
  17. They remember different things about us than we remember about ourselves. (We remember everything.)
  18. They don’t see any reasons for our dieting. (Even if we do, we won’t tell you.)
  19. They say nothing when we say silly things. (Because it’s so cute, we don’t want to interrupt.)
  20. Although when we say something smart, they also say nothing. (So that we can remember it better.)
  21. They know better than us: maybe in 100 years, maybe from some other planets, but they will call. (And maybe will even come to see you.)
  22. They will go to war if there is a war. (Any doubts? But we will do everything that there is peace.)
  23. They don’t notice smudged makeup. (We don’t even notice when you have no makeup at all).
  24. They try to pretend that women’s day 8 March doesn’t drive them insane. (And we do it quite proficiently.)
  25. They want to change our lives. (For the better. We still have to live with you.)
  26. They spend their last money on chocolates for us. (And the secret stash is for flowers.)
  27. They will never learn to undo bras. (Even if we had 6 arms like Shiva).
  28. They are annoyed if we don’t wear a bra, but have no problem if other women walk braless. (Now, who is more jealous, you or us?)
  29. They think not only about love. (…)
  30. Deep in their hearts, they are able to saw a button on. (And also cook soups, iron clothes etc.)
  31. They cannot differentiate between Always and Kotex. (We can. The first is Bon Jovi song.)
  32. They can straightforwardly admit that their single purpose of life is to sleep with us. (So that we could wake up hugging you under the sheet.)
  33. They pick us up from friends’ parties, take home, and cover with a blanket. Sometimes they simply cover us with a blanket. (And then keep watching your smiling in your dreams.)
  34. They love our voices. (Yes, we do love your voices.)
  35. What we say is not important for them. (No, it’s important!)
  36. When we tell them, “Look!”, they actually look. (Because we have a “different” logic, see p. 46.)
  37. When they leave, we stay. (So that we have somewhere to come back.)
  38. When we think about our past life, we think about them. (We also think about you, we even remember years and dates.)
  39. Their disks have the same names as the boxes they are in. (Why, they shouldn’t?)
  40. They count faster than us. (Counting sheep when falling asleep?)
  41. They give their surnames to our children. (Even though it’s not principal.)
  42. They do things that we are proud of. (Because we do them for you.)
  43. Our beautiful lingerie and expensive perfume are not important to them. (But “thanks” anyway.)
  44. They want sons but love daughters more. (And you keep asking, “why?”)
  45. Sometimes they love their jobs more than us. (Please forgive us.)
  46. They have DIFFERENT logic. (We simply have logic. Don’t argue!)
  47. They keep thinking constructively when we are hysterical. (Is it only me who can see the connection here?)
  48. They agree to do grocery shopping and buy things by the list. (So that we don’t have to go to shops when it’s raining.)
  49. They are happy to eat fried eggs if we have no time to make dinner. (We are ready to eat anything made by your hands.)
  50. They do not notice the mess at home. (After we have cleaned it up.)
  51. They look at us with loving eyes after we cook them dinner… (and if we don’t ask for seconds, we are in trouble.)
  52. They drink beer, although they like chocolate more… (we wish it was possible to throw chocolate into beer, like into champagne.)
  53. They are weird. (May I don’t comment on this?)


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This list is positive of course. Unfortunately it is not so cute and nice in the real life of Russian women. Not each man thinks like this guy who wrote comments in brackets. But it is pleasant to discover that men are accepting us as we are with our feminine problems and mess in our heads. It’s a little bit offensively said about “different logic”. By my firsthand experience I can state there are only two ways – when the logic is PRESENT or when the logic is ABSENT. And there is no “man’s” or “woman’s” one. Maybe it seems… Read more »

Mostly I liked the 46th reason)) and the guys comment of course! Because all men like to say this kind of things, that women don’t have logic and there’s only their’s logic which is valid… But I surely don’t agree with this!

I liked this post, because how we all know, people need each other and we’re not the same and we have different types of view, it doesn’t mean we have to be alone.


The 46th reason does have sense. So many arguments exist that women do not have logic at all and men have it. But the answer is simple – we just have different points of view on the question of what things are.

Rogue Trader

Have you ever thought that salt and pepper are completely different things? Yet when mixed together, they make the pefect ingredients to put flavour on a dish! Anything else that goes on top is an added bonus :P. The dish is the relationship. Don’t put any flavour on it and it just doesn’t taste right (divorce and separation). You put salt and pepper on it and anything that makes it taste great, (happy and long lasting marriage)! :P. You don’t need 46 points to work it out lol.

What a great article! Very amusing! Ok, I can add to number 46 about logic. Here we go: ‘On a cold and frosty morning, a man kisses his wife and goes off to work. About 10am she sends him a text message: ‘Windows frozen, what can I do??. He replies : ‘Pour a little warm water over it, it will be fine. Ten minutes later she texts him back: ‘Computer is completely bust now!!’. Lol!! Surely a marriage made in Heaven!!

Brilliant! I love it.
Thank you.


I found this extremely beautiful. Thank you!


That is quite an interesting information! But I believe that reasons are not the same for every woman to be with a man. I think that all people are different, so the list of motives can not be exhaustive. The main reason in my opinion why a woman needs a man, it is the way of our life.

Olga Konoplya

Oh, tre reasons are so cute! Of course women can live without men, but in this case their life will be boring uninteresting and empty life… Each of us needs a good friend and the person you love, who can hug and kiss you when you need it!! Men, we can’t live without you!


I’m quite sure there could be so many more reasons why women need men. But don’t forget that men DO NEED women as well =) so it’s kind of mutual requirement we are talking about. The first statement is my favorite. It sounds very romantic and not as practical as the others!


Very nice) Some reasons to not forget why do we need men.It’s so cute and romantic. It seems it was written by loving men.


Very funny point about the difference between men and women. In fact, we need men, so we can be at least sometimes a little weaker, to feel that we will be always supported by a loved one and to be confident in him. He is our defender, he is our hero. Behind the back of a real man should be quiet, safe and warm). A family without a decent man loses half sense.


I found this list very interesting and cute. The most of written here was making me smile. I liked the image in the beginning. It is beatiful and harmonic. As men and women relationships are 🙂
I enjoyed idea of grouping all reasons into one paper. Anyway, I should admit that there are a lot of more possible reasons to love us (men) [Cause we’re cool xD B-) ] but these ones are the most important and good 🙂


This article is the best! Of course some reasons are contraversial (reason 27th – I have learnt). But in general all the reasons have come home. And now I have understood some of my girlfriend’s requsets (reasons 6th and 15th).

William Coon

I love #18, “They don’t see any reasons for our dieting” I think it is very sad that many women feel there is something wrong with their bodies when we (men) see them as simply beautiful as they are.

I’ve spoken with numerous women at length concerning this, trying to convince them otherwise, but to no avail. Over the years, I’ve simply given up and chalked this up to a lost cause.


That article is so cute and amazing! It charmed me when i was reading it. I am sure that women really can’t live without a man. Just imagine that picture of living in a world where woman live without a man: it should be not interesting planet.


I cannot speak for all men, but I believe men and women desperately search for the same thing; a resonance in their lives, a soul mate who makes them feel complete, and a metaphysical connection that cannot be explained. There exists something deeper than love and desire …and this holds a man and a woman together.



It’s absolutely true that women need men. It’s always been the case. Men are our defenders. They give us care, affection, attention, love. They give us everything we need make us happier. They inspire us every day. Life without men is dark and dull.

The list is very fun but, seriously, men have bad sides as well as women, but they have good sides as well. Havin look at the history of science and literature you would see that 90% of the most famous physicists, chemicals, poets were men. Of course it is partly because women didn’t have as much right as men had, but anyway men are important to us, women. They can wright incredible poems for us and do stupid things when they are in love with us. And that’s what we need: a men’s support and protection. And feminists who deny… Read more »
Paul Rose

Ummmm, there are zero female physicists. The few women that men agree are physicists is because if they didn’t agree there would be no beautiful woman at home to flood her mind with words of love, thereby making her dizzy so we can have sex with her.


All this is of course a joke. But every joke has some truth. Yes men need to warm your palms in their hands so they could give his name to our children, just to be close. Honestly, without men, we’re, as well, and they without us nobody.