5 Secrets of Russian Women Seeking Men AbroadI am a Russian woman who married a western man. After I migrated from Russia, I discovered the world of distorted facts and opinions about Slavic women seeking partners abroad, and this is why I started my first website called Russian Brides Cyber Guide (womenrussia.com).

This was in 1999. Since then I started and have been operating one of the largest international dating sites introducing Eastern European women seeking foreign men, and talked to thousands of people who used our service or had questions about courting Slavic ladies, as well as read hundreds of stories from people who were successful in meeting someone through Elena’s Models.

Let me give you some insights into secrets of Russian women seeking men abroad that will assist you in understanding this particular group of Slavic females, and if you so desire, building a successful relationship with one of them.

Secrets of Russian Women Seeking Partners Abroad

  1. She would prefer to meet a man living at her home country

If this was possible, Russian women would rather stay in their country than move overseas. If you think you may consider moving to Russia, she would love that. She simply wants a good man and a family of her own. The problem is that there are 86 males for 100 females in Russia, so it simply isn’t a possibility for every woman to have a partner.

  1. She loves her country

You may think that Russian girls seeking partners abroad do it because they want to get out, but in reality they love their homeland and are afraid of moving overseas. Try not to hurt her national pride and belief that Russia is the greatest country on Earth. (She knows its faults, too, but loves it anyway — just like you love your parents and kids, even though they are not perfect.) Russia is not a third world country (never was — it’s the second world). It has all the modern conveniences, and if the first-second world were competing in affluence, please remember that Moscow had been boasting more billionaires than New York for several years in a row. If you do not live in a large metropolitan city, her life in Russia may be more sophisticated than yours.

  1. She doesn’t believe she can really meet someone abroad

Just like you, she thinks it is too good to be true. She looks at profiles of men on our site and wonders why they cannot find someone in their home countries — a guy who is good looking, has a job, doesn’t drink or smoke, and cannot find a woman for a serious relationship? For her, it’s unreal. In her home country men like this are not just rarity, they don’t exist in the single form — they got married before the age of 24, and no longer could be hunted. If you are all of the above but do not don’t consider yourself good looking, you are still too good to be true — every Russian woman knows that if a man wants to commit, he will find a girlfriend within weeks. At least, this is how it works in her home country, where every girl’s dream is to get married and have kids — that’s their meaning of happiness.

For example, a Russian model who found sudden fame by becoming the face of Apple iPad Pro release stated that she hopes to be a mother with children in 5 years, when she was asked about her plans for the future. Her aspirations are not geared towards international contracts or a career of a movie star, but towards becoming a mother and a wife. Family values come first.

  1. She is scared to date foreigners

Basically every week Russian media publicizes a story where a local girl had been hard done by her foreign husband — who either kidnapped their common child, or beat her up, or divorced her and found another woman. Russian women believe that only in their homeland they can get justice, and foreign courts would always support the husband-citizen — this is what the local media tells them. All the happy stories she reads online do not take away this worry that she will be on her own and vulnerable, if she decides to date someone from overseas.

  1. She may be still dating at home

Because she is not trying to immigrate but to find a suitable partner, she is open to meeting local men, and may be going on dates while you are talking online. So, if you found a woman who takes your breath away, book your plane tickets and tell her about it, so that she starts believing you are for real. Until you hold her hand, she will still think it is too good to be true.


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Nelson Usoro
Yes, Every person wants to live in his or her own country where there is absolute freedom, no matter what. Even those of us that migrate to United States and become citizen still prefer our own country and will not welcome anybody talking trash about our home country. I still do not totally agree that all these ladies actually need husband. To buttress my assertion, when one views the number of Russian ladies in this site living in United States and Europe, one will find that many of them have been searching for years , just like me. Does it… Read more »
This is a great Article. But there are also horror storys about Western men communicating with Eastrern Women from the Ukraine and Russia, and communcated with there lady for months, set plans to fly to her in her city only to be told that she is not aviaiable, she has to work, and family memeber is sick….What ever the excuss. I have personally had communications with a woman from Luza, Russia for over 2 months. We made plans to visit and meet in Moscow for a week. Everything went well. There was great chemistry between us, and the not much… Read more »
I don’t entirely feel as though Americans, nor Europeans believe that Russia is a Third World country by and large — however, I am positive you could find some uneducated and ignorant people to make an argument to the contrary. I think Americans become extraordinarily more nervous about the political situations in Russia (please remember, not all Americans get our information from Fox News, and other Pravda-like propaganda machines), and Ukraine (including surrounding areas), because of the instability within the region. Now, that is not a judgment — as an American, I don’t have a very good political leg on… Read more »

Elena- Thank-you for your insight!

Nelson Usoro
My dear Elena, This is my second post on the particular topic. Russian ladies are good. They are not flirts or sex workers. They believe in love and family coziness because a lady from this site came from Moscow to me in Houston and for the two weeks of stay, I will never forget her. I am sick up till today, for missing her. The problem with Russia ladies is family influence. A lady may find a good man to marry but the mom and dad may be against the relationship, reason that she may be the only child and… Read more »

I enjoyed your article a lot. It is intriguing that there are so many more women than men in Russia. Does this lead to Russian men being indifferent towards their potential partners, as there is so much choice? I can imagine that that would lead to a rather unhealthy “dating” society. But perhaps, just the same as other countries,but the sexes reversed.


I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t use drugs and I have a good job, but I’m terribly ugly (babies cry, woman scream and even animals shriek in fear when they see me) but I’m still considered too good to be true! *Ego boost!* You just made my day! 😉


Yes, the picture is absolutely necessary! Especially where “animals shriek in fear” 🙂

Sir Rober
Very interesting article and comments, but I would add two things about it. Not only on the specific subject, but on some aspects that I have seen in the other treated subjects and in my experience here on the site. First, the subject matter, this one in particular, polarized between Russian and American or between Slavs and English speaking people. Well, the world does not comes down to it, there is life outside these locals, in countries with other languages ​​and cultures. I, for one, am Brazilian and I also love my country. He has more natural beauty and a… Read more »

My best friend still has great problems with men. I mean she is rather young (32 years old) and very beautiful. She has a lot of fellows among local men, foreign friends, but still she doesn’t have the result – marriage, though she really wants it.

Sir Rober

Thank you Elena,

It’s the second comment I post here on the site and both you agreed with me.

I think we see the relationship issues in the same light, which I think’s great!

I wish you success in business and personal life!


To move abroad means to change everything in your life. That scares Russian women. But to find the perfect man, your future husband, maybe, won’t it change your life? Don’t be afraid. If you’re satisfied with your life, what are you seeking on dating sites?