5 Complaints of Slavic Women on International Dating SitesSlavic women who are trying to meet partners through international dating sites have forums where they share their grievances and complaints about foreign men.

Here are the most common problems that Slavic ladies encounter on dating sites.

5 Pet Hates of Slavic Women

Most ladies who are dating foreign men online run into one or more of these troubles.

  1. Suspecting she is a scammer

slavic-women-pet-hatesThis is by far the most common problem that Slavic women face on dating sites. Guys are wary of international dating, usually because of unsatisfactory experiences with pay-per-letter/paid chat dating sites. Because of that they suspect that the woman they are talking to may not be genuine, and try various types of tricks and tests to find out if she is.

This puts off sincere women pretty quickly, but doesn’t deter scammers. Men trying to bait girls by offering to send them money or asking for a photo with his name are not going to get a good reception from nice women.

The simplest way to remove doubt is to chat on Skype 2-3 times a week. If a woman spends time on you and is happy to show her face, she is interested in you.

  1. Unclear or old photos

If guys usually complain about over-glamorized photos that women use in their profiles, ladies are not happy about men using images where their faces are barely visible or purposefully uploading old pictures.

Before she decides to get closer to you, she needs to see some of your quality photos where she is able to see your face clearly. You can post them in your personal blog, which is only accessible to your contacts, and cannot be seen by others on the site.

  1. Asking her why she is looking for a partner abroad

The answer is the same for all women: Because they want to be in a relationship, and cannot find a partner at home. If she could find a partner at home, she would not be doing that.

Exploring their options on international dating sites gives Slavic women more selection than they have at their home countries.

  1. Writing letters but never making plans to meet for real

Guys who only want to exchange letters but never come to visit or arrange a way to meet in real life are another common complaint that Slavic women raise.

Because this is so typical, some Slavic ladies who had long-term online relationships that never resulted in a meeting are hesitant to invest time and effort in long correspondences.

If you feel there is a spark between you and her, and your Skype meetings are enjoyable for both of you, do not hesitate to start planning how you are going to meet. This will put you ahead of any other guys she may be talking to online.

  1. Rudeness

Some guys behave in online communication in ways that they would not dare in real life. If you are tired, angry, or intoxicated, it may be better to leave communication until the next morning.

Just send her a short message you are too tired today, and will contact her tomorrow. Of course, this should not become a pattern, or it is rude by itself.


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I would like to add that when you begin to visit dating sites and start to communicate with a man, often you are afraid of his desire to meet with you as soon as possible in reality. Especially when such offers come from the first letters. I think it is better to communicate more, and then meet.


To be sure, the knife of suspicion cuts BOTH ways. Skype helps to eliminate this problem, but so does being honest about your finances and economic situation, as well as the level of your sincerity in pursuing the woman of your dreams. Let’s face it… International Dating is far more demanding than dating locally/nationally, and the average Joe does not have the kind of time and money readily available to him to meet those demands compared to many of the well-to-do types. The travel expenses to and from Russia alone can be enough to bankrupt the average Joe, let alone… Read more »