4 Phrases Russian Women Cannot ResistDating Russian women online through real personals sites (as opposed to PPL or paid chat sites) is an exciting experience. You are not only conversing with beautiful women but also learning something about another culture. This broadens your horizons, extends you knowledge, and makes you feel more like a cosmopolitan, worldly person.

But if you are also harbouring hopes of turning this connection to something more than just online chat, it may be helpful to discover some things that Russian women would never refuse to accept.

Phrases That Russian Women Can’t Resist

If things are going well and you would like to make them even better, these are the phrases you may wish to try.

  1. I think you are the most amazing woman I ever met.
Phrases That Russian Women Can't Resist

Russian women believe that men show their affection by giving presents.

Feeling special is important for every person but Russian women are particularly susceptible to confessions of this type. We all want to feel special.

  1. I would be the luckiest man in the world if I knew you were mine.

Russian girls want a man who is a leader. They want someone who will put a claim on her and won’t let any other man to even talk to her. In short, they long for a relationship of belonging. You belong to her, and she belongs to you.

  1. I want to send you a gift, can you give me an address for a delivery?

Russians have a gift-centred dating culture. From chocolates to flowers and little trinkets, gifts are the measure of a man’s attraction for Slavic girls. The initial stage of a relationship between a man and a woman is called, “the period of bouquets and candies”. Girls think it’s absolutely the best time!

  1. I can see us walking together hand in hand in 10-year time, this is how confident I am about the future of our relationship.

Russian girls’ biggest concern is to find out whether a man is “serious” about them. They, for some reason, believe that men might be talking to them just for the purpose of entertainment. If you separate yourself by stating that you actually have no doubt she is the right woman for you, you’d come on top of all your competitors.

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Phrases That Russian Women Can't Resist

Dating Russian women is easy when you know the system.


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4 deeds Russian woman cannot resist: love her, trust her, respect her, share her interests and troubles. Let her understand you do all this lot and you will succeed. I suppose women all over the world will approve the idea. (Just in case 4 phrases don’t work).


This 4 (5) deeds easy, I mean easy to manage with a woman who deserve it.

Olly H

This is so true! As a Russian woman I can say it’s completely correct. Everything we want as women is to be important to anyone and feel comfortable with a partner. “Russian girls want a man who is a leader.” – Hell yes! We want a man who can support us in every sphere and can guide us to happiness.


I absolutely agree! I’m Russian and I can say that women want to date with a leader. Moreover, we dream to meet a man, who understands us. We need support. I consider that every woman wants to feel special. It’s very important for us. It’s a key to happiness.


You can add also, «I love you», «Would you marry me?» Any women cant resist)) But Russian girls are the most romantic in the world, it’s true! They are fond of sweet words, walk under the moon … And at the same time counting on the loyalty and reliability of the men!


Every woman would love to hear these sweet phrases by the beloved boyfriend. But Russian girls are so dreamy and romantic, they can`t be compared with any others. Dating a russian lady is so great, because they devote themselves to their men.


In this connection I should say the thing is that many women prefer actions, surprising events but not just words. We (I mean women) have enough experience with men and do not need only messages and online talking. We also need something more.


These phrases are desired for many women, of course. When woman loves man, almost all words could be welcomed. Nevertheless, these four phrases are the best for the majority. Especially, women are crazy about hearing the future plans with her man.


I think almost every woman in the world wants to be loved, to be cared and to be someone’s only one. I doubt that it is solely russian girls’ desire. But on the other hand, women want not only to hear all those words, but to see the actions of their chosen ones.


Deeds, not just words. Women everywhere have created a monster by rewarding the men who tell lies and punishing the men who tell the truth. No man is absolutely sure about his love for a woman he has just met. But if a man tells the truth: “I think we might be compatible, but I’m not yet sure”, he gets dumped in favor of the honey-voiced lying альфонс type.

Elena Symeonidou

Well…. My husband is from Cyprus and when we dated he told me one two phrases and i couldn’t really resist. So, the first is: “you are the best thing that ever happened to me”. The second: “Are you crazy?! I do not need anyone other than you”. So let it be kind of clue from me to other guys from Europe and US to know what Russians like…


Words are words, actions mean much more. Every woman wants to feel safe and wants to know that her man can support and take care. Russian women see a standard marriage like this: a man is a hunter and a breadwinner, a woman is a housekeeper and a mother. And it is not a humiliation, it is a norm.


OMG, these phrases are so overused. Really, are there such ladies who fall into them? Don’t know about you but I would probably punch my soulmate or the man I like if he’d dare say something like that. No stupid words. Great actions are better.
Like the song says, words are very unnecessary…