33% of Russian brides are 18-24 when they get marriedStatistics show that one third of Russian brides are aged 18-24 when they get married, although the popularity of marriages is dropping in Russia. In 2016 the rate of weddings was only 6.7 per 1000 population, while in 1960 it was 12.5.

Popularity of marriage is dropping in Russia

The lowest ever marriage rate in Russia was recorded in 2000: Only 6.2 weddings per 100 population. The situation started to improve in subsequent years, growing to 9.2 in 2011.

However, since then it again started to go down. In 2015 there were 7.9 marriages for 1000 people, and in 2016 this number dropped even further to 6.7.

Even though most Russians think that the best situation for an adult is to be married (78% of respondents think so, according to the latest survey by Wciom.ru), the rate of registering spousal unions doesn’t grow.

Popularity of marriageRussian brides statistics: 33% of brides are 18-24 when they wed

In other words, 1/3 of weddings in Russia had a bride aged 18-24. The total number of unions considered in this statistics includes all registered nuptials in Russia, including second, third and all subsequent re-marriages. So, it’s quite a huge share of Russian women who marry very young.

  • Among males, there are also a lot of guys who take the burden of becoming the “head of the family” aged 18-24: 20% of all registered unions recorded the age of the groom in this category.
  • The majority of weddings happen in the category 25-34: 52% of grooms and 45% of brides fall into this group.
  • The share of people who join in matrimony after 35 is substantially lower. Only 22% of females and 28% of males were 35+ when they said “I do”.

Interestingly enough, after thirty five there are no age gradations for newlyweds. The whole mass of new spouses aged 35+ falls into one pile.

Russian brides statistics. Marriages by ages of bride and groom. 

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I think that the statistics show that Russians still marry early in life. Too early. Before getting married it’s necessary to have an education, a perspective job, to buy an apartment. In Soviet Union government was giving apartments for free once people got married. Not straight away but in 2-3 years. Now things are different.


You forgot to say the most important. Maturity and experience in life is by far more important for a stable marriage than anything other.


I absolutely agree with the data reported here. I got married at 21 too. I can say that every girl has different reasons for an early marriage. Pregnancy, the desire to have a wonderful wedding and celebration, crazy love and passion. I do not see anything bad about that, anyway.


Very silly thing to get married in this age. When you don’t have good education, job and money for living. Ok, maybe your husband will be wealthy enough, maybe you like to live off him like a doll, but if you break down with him, what will you do then?