3-signs-she-really-likes-youOur conscious life starts in our teens, and since then we always want to be loved and have a partner. It’s great to be with a loving partner and know she really likes you.

This week we received 2 stories from 2 very different couples, which prove the point that no matter what is your age, you can find someone to love.

  • Anastasia and Stefano (left) are still in their twenties. They met earlier this year and since then enjoyed a lot of travelling through Europe together. Now it’s the stage of “meeting the parents” before anything else shapes up.
  • Galina and George (right) met on Elenas Models, and for them it was probably rather about “meeting the kids” before their wedding. They happily live in England, UK.

Am I too old (or too young) to find someone to love?

Sometimes men feel they are too old or too young to meet a woman who would love them. Truth is, there are ladies of all ages on our site who want to meet a partner. If you do a search, you will definitely find someone who is looking for a man of your age.

A word of warning though: some men feel they should be going for the youngest lady they can find. Yes, many younger women put very broad age requirements in their profiles, because many girls don’t really know what they are looking for (the same as guys).

Think it through before you jump heads on into a relationship. Remember, you will be the happiest with someone who genuinely loves you and wants to be with you, rather than with someone who you had to trick into marrying you.

How do I know that she really likes me, and not just looking for a passport?

You might have this worry in the back of your mind: what if she is simply looking for a passport, and doesn’t really love me? Well, if you lived your life to this age, and still think you may not be able to recognize when someone genuinely likes you from a person who pretends, it is a worry indeed. Because it’s very simple to tell.

  • How do you know when a person you are talking to likes you?
  • How do you know when a person you are talking to doesn’t like you?

It’s pretty easy to tell, right?

  • Someone who likes you happily smiles at you when they see you, and the ones who don’t like you have a slight sign of contempt and look unhappy.
  • If you move closer to the person, the one who likes you also moves closer to you, and the one who doesn’t like you moves away.

If you are not a self-absorbed egoist, you know if she really likes you or not. Her behaviour is the first sign. Trust the behaviour, not the words. Most people have trouble putting their feelings in words, and many good women believe a girl should be modest. Which means, don’t talk about her feelings for a man first. If a girl talks a lot about feelings but doesn’t prove it with her behaviour, then she doesn’t really like you.

The second sign of a woman who is truly in love is that once you have crossed the boundary of intimacy, she wants to make love to you all the time. If you had been intimate once and she doesn’t want to do it again, and you have to beg her, she doesn’t love you. This is an easy way to figure out if the woman you are dating is truly in love with you.

The third sign: listen to your own feelings. Are you happy with this person or worried deep inside? Even if your worry isn’t founded on anything, she will feel it, and it will tear down your relationship over time. This is why tricking someone into being with you never works — you are always afraid to be found out.

Remember these 3 signs:

  1. Her behaviour
  2. Intimacy
  3. Your own feelings

Pay attention to these 3 signs that she really likes you, and you will definitely find someone to love!


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One other point for the beginning:
If you go out for dinner, and you drink both at the same time (without saying “cheers”), then there are sympathies.

Thanks Elena – like your posting, Michael

I think any man can figure out if a woman likes him or not. If she wants to be alone with you anywhere, she likes you. If she takes you shopping, she does not like you. If there is no physical chemistry, she does not like you but she is simply using you. But I think some guys think they can buy a woman. They think women want to escape poverty and a passport gives him an advantage. And they forget that a woman needs to like him as a man. There are no cultural differences when a woman likes… Read more »
David Beck

A woman who likes you will go out of her way to do little things to make you happy or make you feel special. Also, if she is always wanting to touch you such as holding hands you know she likes you.

You can also see it in her eyes if she likes you. She may have sort of a wistful or longing look… or her eyes might smile when she sees you.

I would have to completely agree Elena. I have been to Ukraine four times. In total, I have spent about three months over the four trips. Enough time to get a good feel for the culture and start to learn a bit of Russian. In that time, I dated four different ladies. Even though none of them spoke English well, and I didn’t speak Russian well, we both spoke the same “body” language. One girl, we will call Mari, looked me right in the eyes and told me that she thought that I was a very handsome man. She didn’t… Read more »
i have reached some conclusions about Ukraine- hope this HELPS- there are NO Ukrainian girls that want a foreign Husband… NONE. The ones that DO already THING in a very different way- they are already OUT of Ukraine in every way… this means they speak English.. watch shows from the West and so on… They see themselves already as being a Wife with a Husband and Family NOT in Ukraine. To me if a girl only speaks Russian or Ukrainian- she really is SHOWING- ‘how’ interested is she really in going to a place she cant speak with anyone? So… Read more »

oh to add about what do i know- there are TODAY 3 girls, 1 woman, and one young boy living in my house in America.. no that is NOT a misprint… 2 from Lugansk, three from Odessa… even my CAT is from Odessa!!!…cant make this stuff up guys ! hope u enjoyed the laugh as it actually is TRUE !


How do you know if she likes you or not? Call her. If she answers you quickly or she recalls yon in several minutes, it’s a good sign. It means that you are really important to her and she is waiting your calling all the time.


I can’t agree more with the advice on the behaviour. To add, there is a nice Russian proverb saying “eyes are the mirror of the soul”. This is absolutely true: a look in the eyes can tell many things about a person and about his/her real feelings.

David S


I read your article about shopping. My girlfriend has not taken me “shopping” but has gotten angry at me for not giving enough gifts after a few months (specifically she talks about clothing and handbags). She says I should just know what she wants and she shouldn’t have to tell me.

Has she been setting me up since day 1 to feel how much of a target I am? I know that her past has been with rich men and I’m worried that she is just looking for money.