3 out of 4 Ukrainians would love to leave offices3 out of 4 Ukrainians would love to leave the office for a home-based job. According to the recent poll by Work.ua, 74.7% of job-seekers expressed the desire to forfeit labouring at an office in favour of a position that would allow them to stay at home and earn. Only 1 in 10 people believes it would be impossible to do because of the specifics of their work, Vesti-ua reported.

Three-quarters of Ukrainian job-seekers want a home-based position

Remote jobs keep gaining in popularity worldwide. A recent research by Stanford economists pointed out that productivity of home-based employees increased by 13.5% when Chinese employees in Shanghai where allowed to do their work from home. The remote workers also reported higher satisfactions rates than the ones who stayed at the office. The experiment lasted 9 months, Ted reported.

Working remotely allows employees to save time and money on daily commute to the office and improves concentration on the tasks.

With easy and inexpensive access to Internet, more Ukrainians feel comfortable to accept a remote position. However, such vacancies are rare.

Ukrainian workers who know English are not strangers to large freelance websites. Such portals like Elance and Upwork have many professionals from Ukraine looking for job opportunities.

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Working in the office very quickly becomes boring and uninteresting. For someone, every morning going to the office is stressful, and it can be much more productive doing the same work from home. Today, it is increasingly possible to work from home, and of course people use it inappropriately.


In my view, Ukrainians are right that they want to leave offices, because freelance lets people to work and earn without a reference to any particular place and without necessity to go somewhere. If you are a professional in at least one sphere, you may make freelance your main source of income and quit your job in an office, for example. I think that despite some lacks of freelance, it has obvious advantages.


I work at home as an English teacher and also have some work on skype and I like to spend much time at home with my family and not to spend time and money for commuting. And it is not necessary to get up early in the morning.