Why Ukrainians say 2016 USA presidential elections remind their local electionsUkrainians say that 2016 USA presidential elections remind their local elections. It is the first presidential race of its kind in the USA, according to Ukrainian press.

Thanks the Universe, the race is nearly over. In just a couple of days, history will be made. The USA will “either have the first female president or the first one who started a Twitter war with Cher”, as the secretary of state noticed during Al Smith charity dinner in New York last month.

What elections in America and Ukraine have in common

The whole world is tuning into the last days of the presidential race in America. The entertaining performance has already offered plenty of surprises and shocks. Americans may find it appalling but Ukrainians are used to such things.

KP.ua figured out 4 reasons why the 2016 race for the White House reminds typical Ukrainian elections.

  1. Violation of the unspoken rules

None of previous candidates attempted to dispute the elections results before they even occurred. It has always been considered as a fact and nothing could be done about it. The loser accepted the outcome and congratulated the future president.

The Republican party presidential candidate Donald Trump begs to differ. He said he would accept the election results but only if he wins. Otherwise, he may contest the outcome.

Ukrainian candidates are just the same as Donald Trump. Each of them thinks that he is the only one who is right and ignores other people’s opinions.

  1. From populism to demagoguery

Populism has always been present in election campaigns in the US but never escalated into blatant demagogy and totally empty promises.

The current presidential candidates, especially Donald Trump, promises people a newfound paradise in their country. “Let’s make America great again,” he says citing the slogan from Ronald Reagan’s campaign in 1980.

The same happens in Ukraine. Each of presidential nominees loves to promise an era of future prosperity in Ukraine.

  1. Use of dirt files

Candidates have always used some blackmail materials against the opponent. But this dirt had been moderate in quantity and the candidates tried to observe basic rules of politeness and morality.

The current elections came to the point where the candidates do not even shake hands and regularly insult each other.

  1. Forbidden tricks

A few hours before the start of the second presidential TV debate, Donald Trump held a scandalous press conference. He invited four women who had at various times accused the former US President Bill Clinton of sexual harassment. During the press conference, which lasted only three minutes, one woman, Juanita Broaddrick, said: “Bill Clinton raped me, and Hillary Clinton threatened me.” In response to this statement, Hillary Clinton’s spokesperson said that their team was not surprised by this and called it a desperate move.

What do the elections in America and Ukraine have in common?

The presidential candidates spent months exchanging insults.

While Americans know little of the political situation in the largest country of Europe, Ukrainians are kept abreast of the overseas developments. Your Ukrainian girlfriend knows way more about the States than you know about her homeland. But now you too have some insight into her life.


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Forgot to include the CORRUPTION of the left wing candidate. Hillary Clinton has became rich by selling her political office to the highest bidder.She is still under investigation for corruption. Put that as No. 5.


Alex, don’t forget the email scandal and Benghazi. Trump will stick her in jail for a very long time.

I’d like to say that I do not quite agree with the Ukrainians that 2016 USA presidential elections are like their local elections, because, in my view, 2016 USA presidential campaign was the dirtiest in history and it is difficult to imagine such campaign or dirtier one. Though, there are some common features in political life of the USA and Ukraine. One of them is that Donald Trump’s slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ is like Petro Poroshenko’s one «Жити по-новому», which means ‘to live a new life’. Another feature is the active use of administrative resource, but it is used… Read more »