20 March Is The International Happiness DaySince 2013 United Nations made 20 March The International Happiness Day. The date was selected on purpose. 20 March is the spring equinox in the Northern hemisphere (autumn equinox in the Southern hemisphere), which symbolizes equal opportunities.

The 2016 update to the Happiness Rating by Gallup pointed out that equality was the centre of feeling content about one’s life. In the countries where people are more equal, including smoothing the differences between rich and poor, men and women, people are also happier.

The day of spring equinox is a traditional celebration of all things new. The days are growing longer, flowers blossom, a new life cycle starts.

Why don’t you celebrate the International Day of Happiness with the start of a new cycle in your life?

Finding a life partner is the most important milestone in one’s life. It is more significant than graduating from school or university, choosing one’s profession or finding a new job. And definitely it is more important than buying a new car.

I feel that if men were willing to invest in finding a partner for life as much as they are investing in their cars, they would all have found their perfect partners quickly.

Starting your search the right way involves getting the best possible level of membership, for example. Each new level gives you much more than the previous one, yet a lot of men still prefer to spend the least amount of money they possibly could. This reflects in results: you cannot get a Lamborghini if you are only ever prepared to spend the amount of money that is enough for a Hyundai.

  • What do you think you deserve?
  • Do you deserve the best?

Then go for the best. Treat yourself the way you feel life should be treating you. If you don’t treat yourself and your goals as if they were the most important, who else will?

Happiness day 20 March

Elena’s Models team works hard on helping you to make your dreams come true, every day and on the International Happiness Day 20 March.

We at Elena’s Models are doing our best to assist our clients in making their dreams come true. Not only we have the tools and membership structure that enables our members to get the best experience possible in dating women from Ukraine and Russia internationally, but we also offer tips and advice, both on this blog and through our informational products.

The renowned VIP Coaching Program, for example, includes 8-hour audio that you can easily listen to in your car on your way to work or while doing chores. It won’t take any of your time to get up to date with what can make a huge difference in your search for the perfect partner.

(You can also read the Manual, which includes the same information, if you prefer reading more than listening.)

While some guys believe that they are old and experienced enough to know how to date, they may be lying to themselves given the fact that they are still single. If you knew you would be able to meet your perfect partner and become happy within 6 months, would you not to take the leap of faith and grab every opportunity that enables you to do so?

That’s the point: It is the lack of faith (fist of all, the lack of faith in oneself) that stops people from giving their most important task in life 100% of their efforts.

We all deserve to be happy. But some people give slightly more than efforts than others, and as the result, they are the first at the finish line.

Wishing you all a great International Happiness Day!

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Elenasmodels.com happy couple

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International Day of Happiness …
Well, what a good idea. Holidays are not redundant, the more such positive! It can be really lonely heart at least on this day will be more open and self-confident! The first time came across such a holiday, the feast itself)) sign from above! Will hope!)


Never heard of it before, thanks. Nice idea, people often forget about happiness, which is a main reason why we are born, good reminder. Chase your dreams and remember – you are the only person who can make you happy. You will find your love for sure, but only if you love yourself. Be happy!


Yay!!! Happy Happiness Day to everybody! And let us make every day of our life happy, not only the 20th of March!!!!! I believe that happiness is kinda innate ability of every human being… We just need to develop this feeling in our hearts, and not to wait for somebody else to make us happy!


I think it’s great to have that one special day when all the mixed couples can celebrate the fact they found each other. It’s also something that gives hope to all those people who are still in search for that special person – they will see that nothing is impossible.


I heard about the International Day of happiness at first! I think this is a good holiday! After all, one of our main desires is happiness. Be happy! In my opinion, to be happy is to find their purpose in life and to have a person walking with you through the life.


Well, the 20th of March is the perfect day to celebrate the Happiness Day. Because it is my birthday. I am very proud to be born in the spring equinox. It is the time when the winter have already said bye-bye and the spring is coming. Everybody is full of forces. I hope this day would be one of the happiest for people as it is for me.


I believe that everyone deserves to be happy. When nive things happen to me it’s uplifting for next two days. People has differents ways to happiness, but some do and some don’t do anything. Just wait for it. Happiness is not easy thing to get. We all need to work to be happy. But the result is worth it.