13 Gifts to avoid for Valentine's DayWith Valentine’s Day approaching lovers start thinking what to give to their sweethearts. Previously we reported that girls from Russia and Ukraine are rather superstitious. That’s why it is better to know what gifts to avoid to prevent a potentially awkward situation.

13 ill-fated gifts for Russian and Ukrainian ladies

Kp.ua created a list of presents not recommended for lovers on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Sharp objects (knives, forks, scissors) 

Such objects accumulate negative energy and this is the reason why they can bring bad luck to a person.

  1. Watches

Watch is an omen of a future breakup: There is time on your relationship.

  1. Slippers

Do you think a pair of comfy home slippers is a nice and non-threatening gift? But not for Russians. Some of them believe that even the cutest slippers may attract illness and death to the person who receives them.

  1. Towels

In the old days people gave towels at the funeral to those in grief. You cannot buy a towel for your sweetheart.

  1. Pearl jewellery

According to ancient legends, pearl symbolizes tears of inconsolable widows and orphans. Therefore, even a perfect pearl jewelry piece may attract diseases, losses, and tears.

  1. Mirror

It is believed that a mirror is a tunnel for connection with the world of souls and other creatures of non-human form. Thus, a person who received a mirror as a present may have trouble sleeping and suffer from hallucinations.

  1. Carnations

Traditionally people bring carnations to funerals and place them on top of a coffin. Your lady would be more happy to receive some other flowers but not carnations.

  1. Alcohol

One of the superstitions says that alcohol can hijack health from a person. (Perhaps, this omen is the only one that makes sense.)

  1. Underpants

Girls are not recommended to buy underwear for their partners. It may cause him to cheat on her.

  1. Scarf

It’s another omen of a break-up. If you don’t want that, avoid buying scarves for your girlfriend.

  1. Books

If you are not married, don’t give your beloved books as a Valentine’s present. It is also belived to cause separation.

  1. Bird figurines

Birds bode anxiety and trouble.

  1. Glassware

Things made of glass predict your parting.

Ladies from Russia and Ukraine love flowers. But avoid giving them carnations.

Sounds insane? It may appear this way to someone who is not used to nonsensical superstitions people from the former USSR see as the truth set in stone. But if you can, avoid things that may get you in a bit of a trouble, just for starters. In a way, it’s rather cute.

(By the way, rumor has it that superstitions only affect the ones who believe in them.)

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Are there exceptions to the rules? I’m going on a trip with a Russian woman to Phuket Thailand where we will be spending a lot of beach time. Is a beach towel from where I live (Hawaii) an inappropriate gift to give under these circumstances? I’ve already bought one with a beautiful Hawaiian scene on it. Do I take it and give it to her, or not?
Mahalo, (thank you)


Those are superstitions, old wives’ tales. For example, I never even heard about towels being a bad omen 🙂
Call it a “souvenir” and it will be OK 😀


Thank you very much.


The best gift for Valentine’s Day is romantic supper with candle and flowers. If it will be surprise women never forget that.


Give “emotions” to your second half and it will be the best gift for Valentine’s Day. It can be romantic evening, tasty dinner or a trip. Let it be something really unexpected that can surprise. Things which make us experience strong feelings, we never forget. And that is true 😉


Each girl has an individual preference of a gift on Valentine’s Day. Superstitions fade into the background. Gifts like Slippers, mirrors and towels simply won’t please your girl. When choosing a gift keep in mind what your woman likes. Underwear is a nice gift. Books can also impress a girl. Best gifts are jewelry, flowers, chocolates, hi tech gadgets.


Marriage and family are important in our lives. Traditions of different countries differ from each other. In Russia it is customary to wear a wedding ring on the right hand. In Western countries these are worn on the left hand. But now the ring on the ring finger may be also worn by people who are not married.

A little bit of humor, so an iron or a vacuum cleaner is not correct? As a man we believe we know what is right and proper and a real man wants to give his woman something she really likes, that she can remember for a long time. Question, flowers, other than carnations of course, are appropriate? I have been told they die and then this is an omen that is not good. I do not know this to be real, honest or factual. But it makes sense. Candy, while chocolate IS wonderful, the thought THIS would remain with her… Read more »
Bob, Russian and Ukrainian women are indoctrinated that “a [good] man should give flowers”. If you give her flowers on every date, she has no other options but to think you are the most thoughtful and caring admirer she ever had 😉 (And it’s not a joke by the way. The first thing women mention when asked about an “ideal man” is “he gives flowers always, even without any reason”.) So, flowers for all occasions (Valentines’ day, 8 March, birthday, date, etc) are compulsory if you are trying to win her heart. Even if she doesn’t like chocolates, she, too,… Read more »

But last year i got bouquet of wonderful red and white carnations and we didn’t broke up yet. In my private opinion, the better you know your partner, the better present you’ll choose.Friendly speaking, it depends